Salmon Glacier

Salmon Glacier
Salmon Glacier, BC, Canada

Monday, March 2, 2015

Visit from our daughter, new phone and moving on

A few weeks ago our daughter, Sommer, in Indiana called to let us know that she and a girlfriend would be in AZ for a girls vacation. Unfortunately, she was coming on our last week at the RV park but fortunately she was able to stay with our son Chris in Mesa. They arrived on Wed the 25th late at night so the next day they called and I went to pick them up. They decided to rent a car while they were here so I dropped them off at Enterprise Car Rental and they followed me to our park. We took them for a walk around the park and showed them where the pool was. After some lunch we changed into our swimsuits and headed to the pool. During her stay in AZ the weather was only going to be sunny and warm the first two to three days so the pool was a big priority. Glenda said I should take my phone with me and I did. I blew up the raft and proceeded to get into the pool.

You guessed it. I still had my phone my pocket. After only a few seconds in the pool I remembered the phone and hurried to get it out of the water. TOO LATE. I took the battery out and dried everything off and let it sit in the sun and then put it in rice. No help. It was dead. The worst part of this is I just upgraded to this new phone the first of November and I used Glenda's upgrade opportunity. When my upgrade came up she was going to take my phone and I would get another new phone. I know, it's all about me but this would be a big upgrade for her since she had never had a smart phone. Well when I sabotaged my phone that meant that I had to use my upgrade for the new phone and she would have to wait again. Well I decided to move from Android to IPhone and I went to the IPhone 6. So far it's been a good move. Hence only a couple of photos of our daughters visit.

So back to Sommer's visit. We got two good days of sun and pool time and we had the opportunity to explore some new eateries. Chris said that there was a good place to eat in Gilbert called Liberty Market on Gilbert Rd. It's a trendy place with a diverse menu experience ranging from bread pudding, artisan pizza, salads & sandwiches, to gourmet plates of flat iron steak, apricot glazed chicken & Liberty Pasta. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner daily. We enjoyed our meal and then headed to a Gelato shop for some dessert. It was delicious. That was Thursday night then on Friday night we went to a Mexican restaurant that our friends Ron and Patsy Chase took us too called Los Gringos Loco in Apache Junction. The food was again delicious. We actually ended up with only Sommer, Chris, Glenda and I since Sommer's fried Kylie had family in the area and she went to dinner with them. It was great having just family together. We only wish we could have had Heather, oldest daughter there too. We missed her. I hope that Sommer, her husband Todd, Heather and her husband Paul will be able to visit us next winter. We always have such a great time when we all get together.

Sommer and Chris
Of course they get their good looks from Glenda. We had a great time and so glad Sommer had the opportunity to come to AZ.
Well it was supposed to rain on Saturday and Sunday which I was not happy about. Both for Sommer and us leaving on Sunday morning. However the weather cooperated and Sommer got an couple of days reprieve from the rain and we got to leave on Sunday with dry conditions.
We got up early, showered, dumped tanks and did the last minute packing before hitching up. We said our goodbyes to the neighbors and as I said before we are coming back next November. We even extended our stay next season from 4 months to 5 months. November 1 to April 1.
We had a pretty uneventful trip to Kartchner Caverns State Park of about 158 miles. We stopped just past Tucson for some lunch and then arrived around 2 pm. We checked in with the camp hosts and got set up. This is going to be a great week.
Our pull through site #4

Camp Lowry

Great backdrop of scenery
Today there were high wind alerts with gusts up to 35-40 mph. We were rocking and rolling with the gusts and I had to keep an eye on the satellite dish. I have to say the heavy duty tripod and anchor system worked well. The rain held off until later this afternoon and is still raining off and on now. We went into Benson and ate at Wendy's and then mailed a birthday card off to our youngest grandson, Aiden. We did a little shopping at the local Wal Mart and then headed back to the park. We did walk over to the Discovery Center, in between showers, where they have a gift shop, some exhibits and where you begin the cavern tours. We plan to reserve a time later this week to do the Big Room tour. There are no cameras allowed so I hope to get some pamphlets and information that I can share in another post.
Tomorrow we plan to do some hiking on the Foothill Loop about 2.5 miles. We really like this park and have noticed the change in landscape from Gold Canyon. We still have some mountains but not as high, no Saguaros and more brush. Relaxing and getting back to nature is the name of the game this week after our time in an RV park. Stay tuned.  


  1. Beautiful kids! What a nice visit you must've had! We really loved the caverns! Looking forward to going back to Kartchner in a couple weeks. See you two next week!

  2. And bummer on your phone. We just went throught that too :-( Amazingly though, both of our phones came back to life.

    1. Thanks Debbie, they certainly take after their mother with the looks. We did have a good time during the visit. We hope to get a reservation for the caverns in the next couple of days. You will love the SP here. Get a pull through if possible. I like the new phone and getting used to the new system. Looking forward to getting together next week. Won't be long now.

  3. Nice family visit but don't think you'll be bringing your phone to the pool anymore.
    Most caverns allow pictures as long as you are not using the flash. Ask or call ahead you might be surpised.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you....Definitely will not be taking phone to the pool. This cavern specifically will not let you take photos unfortunately. We went today and it is spectacular.

  4. Looks like a great family visit, looking forward to doing the same next winter. We enjoyed Kartchner Caverns SP when we visited a year or so ago. Beautiful caves and great hiking.