Salmon Glacier

Salmon Glacier
Salmon Glacier, BC, Canada

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pancho Villa SP...Columbus, NM with friends

We left Kartchner SP last Sunday and headed east on I-10 then from Deming, NM we went south on NM Route 11 to Pancho Villa SP in Columbus, NM to meet our friends, Steve and Debbie for five days. We had a good trip that day and arrived about 2:30 pm or so that afternoon. Coincidentally, Steve and Debbie arrived just before we did and were looking for their site #7. We flagged them down and discussed our sites. Our site #3 was right next to Route 11 leading into Mexico just 4 miles down the road. Someone was on their site so we talked to the ranger on duty and he told us we didn't have to take the sites we had reserved so we chose to find walk up sites a little further from the road and in line with each other. This park is more dust and rock than we had expected but with our friends here we knew it would still be a good place to camp together and explore. We got set up finally after looking at several sites. Once we got that done it was getting time for dinner so we headed into the small town for a bite to eat. We came across a little place called La Casita. A family run restaurant with no one there but us. We sat down and looked over the menu and made our choices.
Chips and Salsa

Glenda had the Enchilada, beans and rice

I had 3 tacos- 1 chicken and 2 steak with beans

I also ordered a Mexican Coke
The food was delicious and what I would call very authentic. The Coke was similar to American Coke just a little less sugar. We sat and enjoyed our meal and caught up on our travels. 
Monday we got up late, took a walk around the park and just hung out. Tuesday we started talking about the possibility of going into Mexico just 4 miles down the road. We did some research and found that if we had copies of our original birth certificates and a photo ID - like our drivers license then we could go across the border and get back into the US. Glenda and I don't have our passports so that's how would have to do it. More on that in the next post.
Steve had some work to do each day so we just kind of did our own thing each morning until he was available. On Wednesday, Debbie, Glenda and I decided to go for a hike. I talked to the ranger and he drew a map for me to get to a trailhead for the Tres Hermanas(Three Sisters) Mountains near by. We drove north on Route 11 to about half way between mile marker 8 and 9. There was a gate on the left side of the road. Debbie got out and opened the gate and then closed it after I drove through. We drove back on a dirt- sand road to the base of the mountain and parked on the side of the road. We hiked up to a small cave/mining shaft but had been advised that the shaft was dangerous and not to go in. Also there were a number of bees at the entrance so we definitely didn't go in.
View up the mountain

Glenda and Debbie on the way up

Panoramic view

View part way up
We bushwhacked across the mountain base to a cool sheet of rock that lead on up the mountain. We decided to hike only part of the way up. The sun was out in full force and it was about 1 pm. Here are some views as we climbed.

Rock field

We climbed up the lower portion of the rock slab

View down the mountain
We sat on the rock slab and had some nourishment and water along with admiring the views.
We headed back down the mountain and came across a small horny toad. Debbie picked it up so we could get a better photo. He was very docile and cooperated for the photo.

We also came across a cactus with a heart shaped portion that was really unique.

We worked our way back to the truck on a dirt road leading from the mountain. This road also had some border patrol folks off in the distance. At one point it looked like they were checking us out but never came close to see who we were or what we were doing. We had a great time and some good exercise. We all ended up taking short naps once we got back to our rigs. Steve and Debbie grilled some hamburgers and Glenda made some Jello and some baked beans. I brought some of the Jalapeno stuffed olives that I bought in Bisbee. All in all we had a great feast. We discussed our trip to Mexico the next day and I will post that trip, as I said, in the next post.

It's been so much fun so far sharing this time with our friends and getting to know them better. We also have talked about spending a couple of days at City or Rocks SP just north of Deming after we leave here. We will have to dry camp so that will be a first for us. Another story to post soon. I hope you'll stay tuned.


  1. Darn, you beat me to it! The food has been spectacular and the company even better!

    1. Sorry Deb, I just had to mention how much fun we had at Pancho Villa and then going to City of Rocks SP. And the food.....absolutely the best. Even though we had our issues, it was a great learning experience. Couldn't have done it without you and Steve. You two are the best. Have fun with El Rojo. Hope to see you next winter in Gold Canyon, AZ

  2. You've managed to do a lot of firsts all within your first year of Fulltiming.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Rick and Kathy, I guess that's what the first year is all about. Many more firsts to com in our following years. Thank you
      P.S. ... I afraid we won't be at the RV Dreams reunion in May. Grand daughter has a dance recital at school during that time. We will get together one day.

  3. So glad you guys took that hike, we were going to, but each day something has come up. Hope you have wonderful travels down the road!
    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard