Salmon Glacier

Salmon Glacier
Salmon Glacier, BC, Canada

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Preparing to move to New Mexico...meeting RV friends

Today was prep day for our move to Pancho Villa SP in Columbus, NM. Laundry, groceries and diesel for the truck.We got up around 8 am and had breakfast. After my coffee, we got the sheets off the bed and loaded up the laundry in the truck. We had talked to the camp host when we arrived and they said that Cochise Terrace RV Resort just outside Benson would let us use their laundry. About 10 am we headed there. It's a nice park with a mix of park models and you can buy a lot or rent daily, weekly or monthly. The spacing is nice for an RV park. We talked to the office person and she said that typically only the staff and camp hosts at Kartchner were allowed to use the laundry but she said to go ahead. We thanked her profusely. We were the only ones in the laundry until we moved our clothes from the washers to the dryers. Then some folks came in. We weren't in anyone's way that was staying at the park. Once the laundry was done we loaded up and headed to Benson for some lunch. Our Canadian friends, Ron and Patsy, told us about a Mexican restaurant called Mi Casa. So I put the address in the GPS and off we went. As we got close the GPS said we had arrived.

Unfortunately there was a construction type fence around the property and no one around. Looked like they were no longer in business. So just down the street was another Mexican restaurant called Magaly's Mexican Restaurant. It had good reviews and when we pulled up there were several cars in the parking lot...a good sign. We both had a tamale and an enchilada along with some beans and rice. The chips and salsa was very good too. Once we were full we headed to Wal Mart for groceries. We got in and out pretty quickly. Now we're stocked up for our next destination in New Mexico. Then we headed to Loves Truck Stop just off I-10 and Route 90. Diesel was $2.74/gal. Sounds good to me after paying almost $4.00/gal last fall in IL. Glad that fuel prices have been so good the last few months. Really helps the budget. After fueling up we got back to the campground.

After groceries and laundry were put away I loaded the bikes back on the rear rack and did a little outside prep. We hung around the rig so we could Face Time with our daughter, son in law and grand son, Aiden. Aiden turned two years old today. He was all wound up and we had a good conversation. We also sang him Happy Birthday. He really is growing up fast. Just a few more weeks and we will back in IL...if the weather improves. Now we can look forward to getting together with our friends Steve and Debbie from Down the Road. We originally met as fellow bloggers and they just happened to be buying a truck in Clinton, IL about 25 miles south of where we lived. I wrote a post last May about getting together. House ready to sell....meeting fellow RV'ers

Well we also happened to be going the Fall RV Dreams Rally in Elkhart, IN last Sept and they saved us a site next to them while we were there. Really enjoy our conversations. We continue to follow each others activities and where we are. They spent the winter in FL and are heading west as we are heading east. So we made plans to meet up at Pancho Villa SP. That happens tomorrow afternoon. Very excited to hear about their fall and winter along with their time in Carlsbad, NM recently where they had some snow and cold weather. We should be in the 70's while in NM. So tonight we have packed a few things up and secured some furniture. Plan to be on the road tomorrow around 10 am. Of course there is a change to Day Light Saving tonight but I think that really won't affect us since AZ doesn't change times and NM would move forward 1 hour so we really should just stay the same for now. Time to end this post and get some rest before the move tomorrow. I never seem to sleep well the night before a move so it makes it difficult. Next adventure around the corner.  See you there.


  1. Safe travels! Can't wait for those 70s! Did you know the Fergs (Allen & Donna) are in the same park as you right now? Just read their blog. Site 22 I think. They were the last rally.

  2. Glad to meet you two, and also Debbie and Steve too!

    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

    1. Thank you Karen....Always great to meet fellow RV'ers. I love your blog title. Will be checking out as we travel.