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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Continuing to move east...still in TX....Meeting RV friends

WOW, it takes a long time to cross the state of Texas. We are now in our 4th park in this state. In my last post we were in Van Horn, TX then we did a short stay in Junction, TX at a Good Sam park because we were unable to get a site in the South Llano SP about 5 miles south of Junction. However we did drive through the state park while in the area and did a short hike up to a view point. No real need for photos right now. We had some BBQ for lunch one day and took a walk along the North Llano River next to the park.

Our site...#46

Rocky shore on the North Llano

Our site from the river
There's been some rain in TX lately so things were a little damp everywhere. After  couple of days in Junction, TX we moved on to Goliad SP near Goliad, TX. We had plans to meet our RV friends Faye N Dave or as they call themselves The Wandering Camels

We met them in IL last year as we prepared to go full time and had a fun time getting to know them. They have been wintering in Port Aransas, TX area and we made it a point to stay close enough to visit with them. We drove about 100 miles from Goliad to their RV park. It was great seeing hem again. After our welcome and a short walk around the park we decided to go for a Beach Buggy ride into Port Aransas for some seafood. Basically a Beach Buggy is a golf cart on steroids. They are even licensed to drive on some of the roads there. It just happened to be foggy and a bit rainy but the buggy had a cove on it. It was also Spring Break weekend but the crowds were light due to the rain.

They took us to a place called Fins Grill and Bar and had a great lunch of fish, calamari, shrimp and oysters.

Faye N Dave
Steal A Fish
I got a nice photo of Steal A Fish that Dave talks about on Facebook and their blog. We had great conversation and Faye gave me some good info on the state park we are in now and as we move into Mississippi. She said the sites here at Village Creek SP in Lumberton, TX were a little tight for a big rig but fortunately for us we came here on a Sunday and most of the sites were open so we got our pick. After our farewell hugs, we headed back to Goliad SP and prepared for our next move. The sites at Goliad in the Karankawa area are pull through with full hook ups.(We reserved one thanks to a tip from Faye a few weeks earlier) 

Site #17

Awning side with foliage
The county fair was going on just down the road and we could hear the announcer each evening for the rodeo.
It rained all the next day after we visited Faye N Dave so we just hung out in the rig with some TV and computers. It did let up for a while so we explored a short trail and viewed the Mission Espirito Del Santo on the grounds.
Getting green in TX

Nature Trail

Wet trail

Col rock wall around the Mission

A little history

The Mission
That was a few days ago, as I mentioned. We will get to see Faye N Dave again in IL at Bo Wood COE on opening day April 16th and next winter as they will be workamping for a Cal-Am park in Mesa, AZ just a few miles from where we will be again next winter.. Thank you again Faye N Dave for your hospitality and friendship. So here we are at Village Creek SP, got into our back in site with out much difficulty and there is hardly anyone in the park. The weather as finally cleared and it is warm and sunny the past couple of days. We have been on a couple of trails but due to the rains, many of them are flooded over and closed. I did get a couple of projects done on the rubber stripping over the slide outs with some silicone caulking. We'll be here one more day and then we finally leave TX and into Louisiana. Our next stop is Palmetto Island SP near Abbeville, LA. Here are a couple of photos of our site here at Village Creek SP along with a couple of walk in tent camp sites near Village Creek.
This site was long enough for us

Even the truck

Many open sites up the road

Village Creek very full

Walk in camp site
Well that should get me caught up some. I still need to write a post of our excursion into Palomas, MX with Steve and Debbie but that will have to wait. I should have some more time soon to catch up again. Thanks for reading. See you in Louisiana. 


  1. What nice campsites you've had. Love the trees and lush green areas. Remember to pack well going into LA. Horrible highway! Bumpiest we've been on. I think you'll really love Palmetto Island. Nice walks/biking/kayaking. Gotta love the free laundry. But the FOOD. Oh the FOOD! Richards Restaurant for Crawfish and frog legs, Shucks for BBQ Sampler Oysters & Bread Pudding (even if you've never cared for it, split one. They're known for this!), from Herberts get some Boudin Balls (they'll cook them for you) and buy a 1 or 2 Deboned Chicken stuffed with mashed potatoes and jalapenos to enjoy down the road (it's not too spicey). You can also buy frozen Jambalaya and Gumbo. Those deep fried Boudin Ballsare amazing though!! Oh, how we miss the food! Maybe re-read my blogpost for Abbeville,

    PS. We confirmed out site at Canyon Vista for March!!

  2. Laughed out loud at your "long time to get across Texas" remark! You found some pretty paths and trails. Nice and green there.

    We are back home now in Wisconsin.. cold... and it's SNOWING again while I type this..arggghhhh!!!
    Looking forward to your post about Palomas!
    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  3. It was great seeing you both again and look forward to our paths crossing at Bo Woods and in AZ next winter. If the weather holds maybe we can convince Dave to get the smoker going. Glad Village Creek worked out for you. Enjoy LA and MS, see you soon.