Salmon Glacier

Salmon Glacier
Salmon Glacier, BC, Canada

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

F-350 finally arrived

We ordered our truck in December and knew it was going to take some time to be built. As I mentioned in my last post the build date was February 10th. I found out last week the estimated arrival date at the dealership would be Feb 14th.(Wouldn't that have been sweet) Anyway it didn't happen so we decided to go up to the Chicago RV show over the weekend and visit the Camping World in Wauconda, IL. Found out real quick you can spend some major bucks there. However we did find a few things we would need once we make it to full timing. I also got some answers to a couple questions I had about satellite dishes and satellite TV services. We had a relaxing weekend and enjoyed a nice dinner at Wildfire Restaurant on Valentine's Day. I returned to work on Monday and was hoping to get a call soon that the truck was in. Finally Monday afternoon Stephani at Anderson Ford in Clinton called and gave me the good news.

However the weather on Monday in Central IL was not good for picking up the truck. We had a snowstorm with about 4-6 inches of snow. So I made an appointment yesterday to pick the truck up. Fortunately the weather did improve quickly and we had quite a bit of melting and with full sun the roads were fairly dry. Glenda and I drove down after I got off work and as we pulled into the driveway of the dealership Stephani had put it right out in front where we would see it first thing. That was exciting and a little intimidating. That is one big truck. After we signed all the papers and gave them a BIG check they gave us the keys and we got our explanation of all the features and how they worked. If you have followed the blog you know I also ordered the 5th wheel hitch with the truck to be installed at the factory and a nice bed cover to protect my investment. Anyway enough with the details. I drove the truck to work today and parked in the outer parking lot(Got to take care of my new baby) and took a photo. Here is what will be pulling our home around the country.

You can see in the background we have had our share of snow. The truck drives great and it isn't too bad on MPG's. It will be a little scary going to fill it up the first time. (The dealership gave us a full tank) This is the first real piece of the puzzle of our adventure that makes it feel real. Yes, we have the 5th wheel but it's still in Elkhart, IN. We have been in it but it doesn't feel real yet. Not until we get it home. So the truck helps with the "feeling real" process. I know the weather will be improving and our home will be with us soon. Glenda is doing a great job of getting the house ready now that she is retired. We have gone through photos, papers, stuff we haven't looked at in years. Taking some recycling, thinning out our clothes and just throwing things out. Still a little overwhelming but once the weather cooperates we can really get going on the house. If you have any comments on what you did to prepare for full timing please let me know. Thanks for following. Working toward retirement and full timing and it won't be long.