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Salmon Glacier
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Monday, March 11, 2013

New addition to the family

Well we have been pretty busy the last 4-5 days. Our older daughter and her husband had their first baby. This is our fifth grandchild. Our younger daughter has four children and our son hasn't gotten married yet(but has a girlfriend). We went to Northern Illinois to help with the two dogs while they were at the hospital and to witness the birth. Wednesday night they went to the hospital because they were going to induce her early the next day. We got to the hospital Thursday morning and she was beginning to feel the labor pains increase from the medication to induce labor. Once they did the epidural on her though things went smoother.

By early afternoon she was really beginning to feel some back pressure and the feeling of needing to push. The doctor came in about 3 pm and gave her the go ahead to start pushing. Well about three pushes later Aiden Seth Ulmer was born. He had a little trouble getting his first breath and we were asked to leave the room but fortunately the Neonatal specialist came right in and intubated him and he started breathing on his own. Whew......That was scary. We were all able to see him before they took him to Neonatal ICU to be sure everything was alright.

We were taken to the NNICU a while later and he had really started to perk up and his color was good too.

Then they took Heather and Paul to her room on the Mother/Baby floor at Central DuPage Hospital. The funny thing is Heather was born at the same hospital when we were living in the Chicago area while I went to college. Glenda and I went to their home to tend to the dogs and get some rest.

The next day we  went back to see our new addition to the family. It's been about 6 years since the last grandchild was born and only the second grandson. That makes five grandchildren. I don't think we are done yet but time will tell. Glenda couldn't get enough of holding Aiden.

But I had to have my turn too.

Heather, Paul and Aiden came home on Saturday afternoon and we had so much fun watching him make faces and cooing. He really enjoys being swaddled in his blanket and looks so good too.

Here is a great picture of the happy parents.

And one of the other children. The hairy kind. :-)
Mom and Dad had a bit of a rough night on Saturday since this was the first night at home and there was the time change and since Heather is breastfeeding it is taking a little time for the milk to come in. However I did talk to Heather this afternoon and they had just come back from the pediatrician's office. Aiden had not lost any more weight and was in excellent condition. He had only lost 4 oz. from the time he was born to when he left the hospital 3 days later. I guess he is getting what he needs nutritionally. We are so happy to have another addition to our family. In two more weeks we go see the other grandchildren and enjoy some one on one with them. Looking forward to our next opportunity to see Aiden. How great it will be when we retire and can spend more quality time with them all. The countdown continues.