Salmon Glacier

Salmon Glacier
Salmon Glacier, BC, Canada

Friday, October 7, 2016

Jackson, MS, Waveland, MS and Abbeville, LA...looking for seafood, especially Reds

After we left Memphis and our visit to Graceland we continued south to Jackson, MS. We thought we had scored a site at a park that was like a State Park or Army Corp of Engineers campground. We were wrong. This park is right in the middle of Jackson, MS near the Ross Barnett Recreation Area. The sites were very close and not very long. Our site was right next to a road that was fairly busy The weird thing was the park was full of people. We thought most folks would have kids back in school and lots of spaced. No.

The saving grace was a bike path a few miles away right next to the Natchez Trace Hwy. Great scenery and some openings to the Ross Barnett Recreation Area and lake.

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Natchez Trace Hwy on the left

We only had one full day there so we made the most of it. The path also lead us to a couple of geocaches. It was a fun morning of riding and caching. We headed back to our rig and got cleaned up and found a great seafood restaurant in town called Half Shell Oyster House.

Nice d├ęcor and wonderful food. We got our first taste of those delicious Royal Red Shrimp that we were looking for. I also had the Seafood Pasta and we shared the shrimp and some oysters. A perfect way to start our Gulf Coast swing on the way back to AZ.

The next day we hitched up and made out way to Buccaneer SP in Waveland, MS. We've been there before and like last year at this time of year it was not full at all. We didn't even make a reservation. We showed up and picked a spot. Turned out very good. We pretty much had the loop to ourselves.

We like going to Waveland because of the bike path and more Royal Red Shrimp. This area had been devastated by Hurricane Katrina about 15 years ago. Much rebuilding going on along the shore. They also have a beautiful Veterans Memorial Park.

No homes that I could afford but beautiful. We enjoyed riding and viewing the rebuilt homes.

We thought the city had done a great service to the many veterans of our country.

Again our quest for shrimp was met at the Blind Tiger Restaurant in Bay St. Louis just down the road from the State Park. We ordered a pound of shrimp which comes with corn and potatoes. We took them back to our rig and thoroughly enjoyed each morsel.

Then it was back to more bike riding along the beach from Waveland to Bay St. Louis.

Nothing wrong with returning to a place you are familiar with and can enjoy.

Our friends Steve and Debbie from Down the Road had told us about Royal Red Shrimp our first year on the road as we headed back to IL after spending the winter in AZ in 2014-2015. So when they heard that we were going to the Gulf Coast they contacted us to see if we could score some extra Royal Reds for them too. We made it a our goal. I called The Blind Tiger Restaurant and found out where they get their Reds. I called the supplier and they had them in 2 pound bags for sale. You know we picked up a bag for them and a bag for us and since we would be seeing them soon in Durango, CO, we picked up an extra bag to share for a meal together. Wish we could have gotten even more but money stood in the way. They are a little costly but so worth it.

Once we enjoyed our shrimp, bought some to take with us and did our bike riding it was time to move on to Abbeville, LA. We love this area and the Palmetto Island SP. Again we did not make any reservation due to the time of the year and our prior experience last year. The park was not full at all and we got a great site near the laundry building. As a matter of fact the washers and dryers in LA state parks are FREE. Lucky us and we took advantage.

Love the Palmettos

A new friend

Beautiful lake

We again did some geocaching in the park.

A moonlight drive near the lake

We again only had one full day there so we made the most of it on our seafood quest. We stopped again at Shuck's Oyster House. They have the best crab cakes and crayfish Etouffee. We also indulged in their oysters and bread pudding.

Last year we had the opportunity to talk to the owner David Bertrand and had our picture taken with him.

Abbeville, LA has the highest concentration of decedents of the original Cajun people in the country, of which David is one. His mother and grandmother handed down the recipes he uses today. Such a great experience to meet him and to enjoy his family recipes.

Bread Pudding to die for

Photo in the parking lot

We certainly did find the seafood we were looking for. I can't say we got our fill but who ever does? Ha-ha.  The only part of our drive along the Gulf Coast was the heat and humidity. Heat and humidity has been with us all summer long through our travels in CA, NV, UT, CO, NE, IA, IL and IN. But that will be ending soon as we make our way further west and south. But before that we have to get through TX and NM and into CO to see Steve and Debbie. Our next stops are quickies in TX and NM except for our visit in Waco, TX to see Magnolia Market.....Home of the Silos and Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper on HGTV.

Stay tuned for more fun.. Thanks for coming along.


  1. For what ever reason I don't think we've ever had Reds, guess we'll have to change that, hopefully late this winter.

    1. You have to find some. They are incredible. If we were going see you this winter we would have to share some.

  2. And they were amazing! Thanks for bringing us some!!