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Salmon Glacier
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Monday, October 17, 2016

Cottonwood, Sedona and Arriving at Canyon Vistas

When we left Durango we moved on to Dead Horse Ranch SP in Cottonwood, AZ. We had heard so much about the Sedona, AZ area and we wanted to be in a more open natural environment. That lead us to a reservation at Dead Horse Ranch. The developed portion of Dead Horse Ranch State Park covers about 423 acres. The 3,300 foot elevation allows for the mild temperatures that are ideal for camping, mountain biking in the Coconino National Forest, hiking along the Verde River, canoeing, picnicking, fishing, or just wading in the cool water. We only had 4 nights so we enjoyed the laid back atmosphere and did some sightseeing. Our first day we just unwound from the excitement of Durango. We could certainly tell we were back in the desert landscape.

Please enlarge the photos for best viewing

I did some geocaching and we took a hike in the park. It was nice getting back to hiking and ready for our stay in Gold Canyon.

We then took a ride into Sedona and drove along 89A to the Midgley Bridge and the Wilson Mtn Trail. It was a great switchback tail with wonderful views.

Along the way I found 2 geocaches and had to hike up a very steep incline to get one only to find out I could have gotten there on a different trail. Oh well, nothing like a little excitement and heavy breathing. Ha-ha. We headed back to Sedona and had a nice lunch at the Open Range Grille and Tavern.

We didn't know what other things there were to do in Sedona so we found an information center. They gave us a map and some other information and told us about a Vacation/RV/Cabin Resort in the area and all we had to do was attend a 90 minute presentation and they would give us a free Jeep tour. We knew we weren't going to buy into one of those things but the Jeep tour would be worth it. NOT SO FAST....We got to the Resort...The salesperson was very nice and personable but the presentation went on and on and on until we had been there about 3HOURS. We got to the point where the free Jeep ride wasn't worth it. In addition the salesman's demeanor changed a lot when we told him NO THANKS. Should have expected that.

Well that took our whole afternoon and we didn't have much time for some food or checking out downtown Sedona before the Jeep ride. We got to the Outfitters and it turned out we were the only ones on the tour. That's cool. Guess the 3 hour presentation wasn't that bad. Ha-ha.  We took off through town and then onto a back road. The guide showed us Coffeepot Rock, Snail Rock, Coyote Rock and lots of other interesting sights including a sculpture and art shop.

Coffeepot Rock

Snail Rock

Coyote Rock in the middle

Aliens in Sedona

Interesting Sculpture

We had a fantastic time in the Cottonwood/Sedona area and plan to return in the future for some additional hiking and sightseeing. Too much to do in just a few days.

Then it was time to move on down the mountain to Gold Canyon and our winter destination at Canyon Vistas RV Resort.

We got the same site #319 on 9th street....we got backed in and set up and have been enjoying seeing our son, Chris, in Mesa and a few friends from last year. Of course we're here early so a lot of folks aren't here yet but everyday the numbers increase.

I've been working hard and finally got both the truck and rig washed and waxed and we are looking good. Just a little stiff and sore.

Camp Lowry

Ready for a fun winter in AZ. Most of the activities haven't started either but I did get in a morning of some Pickleball and we have been to the pool. Temps still hovering in the low 90's.

Got the place to ourselves

More to come

Waiting for Ron and Patsy to arrive on the 23rd and some artistic fun with our friends Steve and Debbie in Cave Creek. More on that next time. Thanks for following along.


  1. Sounds like fun in Sedona. Not sure I could've handled the presentation either. But nice to have the jeep all to yourselves. See you next week for a little poke and jab ;-)

    1. Should be interesting. It all worked out in Sedona.

  2. Enjoy AZ, going to miss seeing our friends there this winter. Next winter we hopefully should be back. How cool to get a jeep tour all to yourselves.