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Salmon Glacier
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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Visiting grandkids in Indiana and Northern Illinois,,,,,so much fun

We made it out of our site at Comlara County Park and headed to Indiana to visit our grandkids there. Jasmyne had a high school dance recital and Brooklyne had an 8th grade band recital. We arrived at the Elkhart Campground just off exit 92 of the Indiana Toll Road. The Elkhart Campground has sites that are mainly grass and very close together. We were in site 740. They do try to space the rigs out every other site but when it gets busy they're spaced like sardines.

After getting set up we went over to our daughters home and hung out with the grandkids. Over the next few days we would be busy with recitals and doing some projects around their house. First we attended Brooklynes 8th grade band recital. She plays clarinet and she will be attending high school next year so this was a pretty big event. She played very well and we enjoyed the music and impressed with the overall skill of all the band members.

It was a little difficult getting a good photo of her playing with the music stands in front so I got a photo of the whole band. Then we geared up for Jasmynes dance recital a couple of days later. We also found out that Brooklyne had an 8th grade dance on the same night so Grandpa took Brooklyne to the dance and picked her up and then hustled over to the high school to see the last half of Jasmynes recital.

Brooklyne ready for the dance

Jasmyne is in the front row middle of photo

Jasmyne and her Mom

Grandpa and Jasmyne

Grandma and Jasmyne
Everyone had a great time and if I do say so myself.....Brooklyne and Jasmyne are very talented. It's so great that we can live this lifestyle and spend some quality time with family. Once things settled down we did some projects around our daughters house. Glenda did some de-cluttering of their basement and we put down some mulch around the sides of their home where they had planted some landscape. It really looked good afterwards .
Part of the family took a walk around the River walk area in downtown Mishawaka, IN along the St. Joseph River. It's a great place to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

We walked along the river and found a nice area down from the River Walk. It was a rock grotto with flowing water and waterfalls.


During our visit we made a trip to Rocket Science Ice Cream in Nappanee, IN. They make the ice cream in front of you with liquid nitrogen in a bowl. It is so delicious and creamy. Memorial Day evening we said our goodbyes and see you soon's and prepared for our trip to Northern IL to see our youngest grandson, Aiden and his parents.

We left Elkhart Campground and headed to Sycamore RV Resort in Sycamore, IL. We reserved a premium site near the lake at the park. Fortunately we were taken to a nice shaded site with few other rigs around us.

You can see how close the sites are

Nice view of the lake

Lake across the road from our site
As soon as we got set up we headed to our daughters house. We got to spend some time with the family before Aiden went to bed. Since our daughter and our SIL work we waited to get together again until Friday evening. We told them to plan a date night and we would do some baby sitting. So about 6 pm we got to their home and they took off for a nice dinner and drinks. The funny thing was....they were back about 10 pm. Just like married folks with kids they were too tired to be out any later. Since we knew we would be there late, we planned to stay over night in the spare bedroom. That way they could get up and go work out the next day too. We had so much fun with Aiden. We took him for a wagon ride and he got up into my truck to check it out.

During our babysitting evening we were told Aiden needed a bath so we attempted that and it went pretty well.

We got him into his pajamas and after some snacks and some TV, we put him to bed. He loves to look at his animal decorations on the walls in his room and loves to have several blankies in bed with him.
The next morning we helped with breakfast and Heather brought us some oatmeal from Starbucks and some coffee for me. Paul and Heather ran some errands in the afternoon and we just hung out playing with Aiden. On Sunday we invited them to come out to the RV park and see our home for the first time since we've had it. That's about a year now. Hard to get together when you're traveling and family still works. So they made the trip out to Sycamore, IL from Streamwood. About an hour drive. We had some steaks to grill, cooked some potato packets and cooked some corn on the cob. For dessert we had a no cook lemon meringue pie. It was a little tight but we found room for everyone.
Before dinner we sat out behind the rig in the sun. The wind was a little brisk after a front went through the day before with some rain. The sun felt good and Aiden loved playing in the grass. We bought a couple of balls and a Frisbee to play with. Aiden liked to throw the ball into the tree next to our site.
Heather, Paul and Siden

Aiden loved the ball

Ball in the tree
Aiden brought his John Deere mower and started mowing the grass around our site. I think he did a great job. ;-)

Well the sun started to set and the wind continued and it got colder so we headed inside and Aiden got interested in a kids show on TV.

After dinner we had some good conversation and we could tell Aiden was getting tired so we said our goodbyes and see you soon's and they headed back home. We're so glad we were able to get together and see how much Aiden is growing. He's also talking a blue streak and will say everything you say. We all have to be careful what we say. Ha-ha. Aiden has such a great disposition and we're so proud of the job his parents are doing in bringing up this little person. Can't wait to get back again. We're hoping to get them to come down to AZ some time this winter for a visit while we're there.

We're back in Central IL at Comlara County Park again. More visiting with my brother and Dad and seeing some friends.

We snagged a nice pull through electric/water site. We'll have to dump while we're here and probably move to another site since we're here for about 2 weeks before we head back to Indiana and then on to Michigan for a few weeks of traveling and sightseeing. Michigan will be a new state for us.
We have some doctor appts this week and Glenda got a new cut at the hair salon. Enjoying some down time after the whirlwind visiting in IN and Northern IL. Life is good.

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