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Salmon Glacier
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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Indiana family gathering and graduation party...Finally all together.

We left Comlara County Park last Thursday after attending a cookout at Dad's Assisted Living home for Fathers Day. We had the rig closed up and ready to hitch up and dump as soon as we got back from the cookout. After the meal we visited a short time and got hitched up, dumped and on the road at about 3 pm CDT which meant that we were actually starting out at 4 pm EDT. We lost an hour. We took IL Route 24 across to IN and then headed north on I 65 to the IN Toll Road to the KOA in Granger, IN. We got there about 9 pm EDT. We decided not to go see our daughter that night and just got set up and relaxed. The weekend was going to be busy.

Site #37 at the KOA
The next day after getting around we headed over to our daughters to help them with last minute set up and preparation for the party on Saturday. Sommer's husbands family was there to help too. We got the lawn mowed, a couple plants planted and some cleaning. We had a nice visit with Todd's family that evening but we didn't stay too late. Saturday morning we arrived with some ice for the beverages and some snacks for the party. Around noon or so our daughter, Heather, Paul and Aiden rolled in from Streamwood. It just so happened that our son in Mesa, AZ decided to fly up for the weekend too. That was a great surprise. Chris flew into O'Hare Airport and stayed with Heather and Paul and rode with them to the party. It was so great having the whole family back together.
Father and son - Chris

Daughters...Heather and Sommer

The whole family
Heather, Chris, Glenda, Me and Sommer
Sommer rented a blow up water slide for the kids and the big kids got into the action too. It really kept the kids occupied ALL day long.
Aiden, youngest grandson, with his cool sunglasses

The older grandkids
Jasmyne, Caden and Brooklyne
Ryleigh the youngest granddaughter
Couldn't get enough of the water slide

We had a Corn hole(Bags) Tournament. I certainly did not win. Most everyone gave it a try.
Aiden liked just dropping them in the hole

Grandpa had to show him how it was done.
We had plenty of food and beverages and everyone had a great time. Todd's Mom, Barb, his Aunt, Ellie and Glenda worked hard at preparing the food and keeping everyone full. No problem there.

Later in the afternoon we got as many family photos as we could which included Todd's family too.

The whole crew except Todd, Sommer's husband. He was out getting more ice and we didn't realize it until too late.

Mother and son

Sommer enjoying some treats

Todd made it back with some style

This is the whole group of grandkids, nieces and nephews from both our family and Todd's

Heather, Chris, Paul and Aiden had to leave that evening. Aiden was really getting tired and it was hot and humid all day. Everyone was feeling the weather. We had a fire later that night with S'mores and enjoyed a nice cool evening.

Todd's family left on Sunday but we stayed around to help clean up and do some more visiting It helps when you don't have to leave to go back to work during the week. It also helps to have your home with you to relax and sleep in your own bed.

On Monday I took Caden and Brooklyne to the movie....Avengers - Age of Ultron. We like action movies and this one had plenty. Glenda continued to do some cleaning and our laundry. I'll take my job over hers any day. :-)

Tuesday night we took the family out to dinner at Salsa Mexican Grill. The Guacamole was very good and the food was excellent. When we got back to their home we said our goodbyes because we were leaving the next day. It was another whirlwind visit in Indiana. But it doesn't stop there. We'll be back later in July to help while Ryleigh is in summer school. Not sure now when we will get our summer trip in that we had planned but that's how retirement is and spending time with family. I know I'm leaving some things out of this post but everything happened so fast.

We are now in Geneseo, IL at the Geneseo Campground on the north side of the town. The Hennepin Canal path is next door and we plan to take a short tri to the Quad Cities(Davenport, IA, Bettendorf, IA, Moline, IL and Rock Island, IL). We hope to ride our bikes on the Great River Trail unless some of the parts are flooded. The trail follows the Mississippi River and sits in some low areas where flooding has occurred from all the rain. We were fortunate yesterday to arrive and set up before it rained again. Thank goodness the severe weather they predicted did not appear. We're here until July 1 and then back to Bloomington/Normal for about 10 days before heading back to IN as I mentioned.
Here are a few more random photos from last weekend.


Mason and Todd
I forgot to mention the party was for Mason, Todd's son, who graduated from college in April.
He's a great kid and I know he'll go far with what ever he pursues.
Congratulation Mason
Next post will be of our time in Geneseo, IL


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  1. Looks like you had a great time enjoying the family.
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