Salmon Glacier

Salmon Glacier
Salmon Glacier, BC, Canada

Friday, June 12, 2015

Back at Comlara County Park....more visiting with friends

Well we've been back at Comlara County Park since we left Sycamore RV Resort and our visit with Aiden and his parents. We reserved a nice site in the front of the park, site #7, which was a pull through. We have been visiting with my Dad and brother off and on and I had a nice Facebook comment from a young lady, Kelli, who's family used to be patients of mine years ago when I was doing my Chiropractic thing. That was before I sold the practice and started working at Sate Farm Insurance. Well anyway, I posted a photo of our site and a comment about being back in town and she commented that she would like to come and stow away with us. So I said that would be fine just bring some S'mores. We commented back and forth and she said that she might come out to the park over the weekend with her little boy and her mother. Last weekend I got a message that she, her Mom and son would be out for sure. I got the fire going good and about 7 pm they arrived. As she got out of the car she said she had a surprise for me and out came her Dad. Now her Dad and I typically banter back and forth and give each other some good kidding. It was a very good surprise. So Larry, Trudy, Kelli and Logan came in to the rig for a tour. They were very surprised at the space and the amenities.

After the tour we headed out to the fire. We got the roasting sticks out and started working on the marshmallows. We had our S'mores and I had some extra marshmallows by themselves. We sat around the fire and caught up on what had been going on since we retired and headed out on our adventure. Larry and Trudy also work at State Farm but have been there may more years than me. They're getting close to their retirement but have no plans to try what we're doing. We know it's not for everyone.

Kelli playing with Logan 

Glenda and Trudy

Larry having a good laugh

Logan, Kelli, Larry and Trudy
As it got darker and we were full of S'mores and marshmallows, we noticed Logan was getting tired and his attention span was waning. He is only 3 years old so we said our goodbyes and "See you soon's". I got a nice family photo before they left. Looking forward to getting together again in the future. Thank you to the Rowold's for visiting.
Well on Monday we needed to dump our tanks and move to a new site....#94 in the back loop. It's a lot more open back there and less shade. It's a back in site but for some reason I was able to get it on the site on the first try. Unusual. The park has been pretty quiet this week. I think it's partly due to the on and off rain all week long and the high humidity. Fortunately since we left and returned the county has put some additional gravel on the site. It has made a HUGE difference.
After some heavy rain before gravel

Also the day after some heavy rain after gravel
When we pulled into the park last week and reserved site #7 we knew we would have to dump tanks and probably move to another site so we scouted out #94 to see if they had indeed put some gravel down. They did so when it was time to extend our stay we opted for #94. So nice to have few neighbors and lots of space. The only drawback has been that with the rain and humidity, we have been attacked and swarmed by gnats. Every evening about 6 pm they begin to swarm and it's impossible to sit outside unless you sit far away from the rig. With the off and on rain, gnats and the humidity, we opt for indoors in the evening. We don't get to keep the awning out very much either. That's disappointing because we feel the rig isn't home or inviting without the awning out.
All in all, we're happy with our choice of sites. We're in conversation mode to avoid dumping before we head back to Indiana on the 18th. Our daughter, Sommer, is having a party for her husband's son, Mason, who graduated from Davenport University in April. This is the first opportunity to have a celebration for both sides of the family to get together. In addition, Heather, Paul and Aiden will be coming for the day and we just heard(through the grapevine) that our son, Chris, in Mesa, AZ will be making an appearance. I'm really looking forward to getting all our kids together even for only one day. With everyone so busy and living so spread out it's hard to pull something like this off. I'm so grateful that we'll all be together. I'm also grateful that it will be Father's Day weekend. I couldn't ask for more.
Tomorrow I have a golf date with some old friends and hoping the rain will hold off until we're done. It's been some time since the last golf game. Good friends always makes things fun no matter how I play. Next week we celebrate Father's Day with Dad at the Assisted Living facility. Each year they have a nice cook out during the week of Father's Day and invite family. We've been able to attend each year so far that he's been there. Right after the cook out we hitch up and head to Indiana. I'm ready to get on the road. I've been working on a trip to the Quad Cities along the Mississippi River and then into IA and WI. Not sure of the dates yet but some time in July or early August. We need to add some new states to our total. Should be a great time with new places and faces. I'll keep you posted.

I almost forgot. Why did the turtle cross the road?  This one wanted to get to the other side. And he did......verrrrry sloooowly. 


  1. I just hate nats! How nice to have the whole family together. Make sure to get a family picture! What a difference it looks like the gravel made.

  2. The more you move the trailer the easier it gets to maneuver it.
    Enjoy the Family Visit and travels.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.