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Monday, August 8, 2016

Indiana family time, Housewarming Party and leaving Indiana

We left our daughter, Heather, SIL, Paul and Aiden a couple weeks ago and have been spending time in Indiana with daughter, Sommer, SIL, Todd and grandkids. Since we had work on our rig when we got to IN we didn't make any RV park reservations. We weren't sure how long the work would take since they would be looking at the A/C. Well they did the work and cranked up the A/C to see if they could recreate the shutting off and on problem. Of course the A/C worked perfectly and they couldn't determine the problem. That's ok though. It still does work. We found out we couldn't get into the Elkhart Campground so we found a little older park over the IN/MI border near Niles, MI. Spaulding Lake Campground. The park has been around since the early 50's and judging by the narrow roads and seasonal campers and lack of upgrades it looks that way. However it was well maintained over all.

We planned on being in the area for 2 weeks visiting. The park works well with our visit and the price was right. We spent most days at our daughters home and only came back at night. We had our youngest granddaughter, Ryleigh spend the night with us a few times due to Mom and Dad working.

The first week all the grandkids were at home. Caden and Brooklyne live with their father in Goshen but were at Sommer's for the week. Glenda took over cooking duties and we all enjoyed some great meals. Glenda also kept busy doing some organizing in their basement with old toys and clothes of Ryleigh's.

We had a fun time going bowling and having dinners at home. So happy we could spend some quality time since we don't get here as often as we used to.




We tried to spend as much time as possible with Caden and Brooklyne since they would only be with us that first week. Of course we mainly hung out at home. Being teenagers they tended to stay up late and sleep late in the  morning. One night Caden came back to the rig with me and Glenda stayed at our daughters. Caden doesn't get much adult man time being with so many women in the family. We watched some TV, snacked and just hung out. We enjoyed some Chick Fil A for dinner that evening and we found a cool little cafĂ© near Niles, MI for breakfast. He devoured some chocolate chip pancakes.

I had introduced Caden to geocaching a couple days before around their home but I needed to get a cache in MI. We pulled up some spots on the GPS and headed out after breakfast. Fortunately we didn't have to drive far and the caches were park and grab(easy to find). So we added IN and MI to my list of states where I've found caches. He did a great job keeping us on point and even found one all by himself.

After the first week Caden and Brooklyne went back to their dad's house so we spend more time with Ryleigh and Jasmyne.

Before the kid's left we had a graduation party for Jasmyne. There was lots of food and a cake.

Some of Jasmyne's friends and friends of Sommer's from work came to the party. We also had family from SIL, Todd's family there and Heather, Paul and Aiden came for the day. We played bags and the next door neighbor was having a birthday party for their daughter with a pony. So they invited the little kids to come over for a ride. Aiden definitely enjoyed his ride.

Everyone got their fill of food and fun. Always enjoy getting family together for any reason especially a celebration of accomplishment like Jasmyne's.

Since Ryleigh was the only one not working during the week, we had the opportunity to take her to Warren Dunes SP. They have a great beach and some big dunes.  The water was pretty cold but Ryleigh and I braved it and did some swimming together.

When we pulled out some snacks we had several feathered visitors. We had a wonderful day.

Over the past weekend we drove back over to the Chicago area to attend Heather and Paul's Housewarming Party. They bought a house this spring and wanted to do some upgrades to the house before celebrating the move.

We had a wonderful surprise when we found out our son, Chris would be flying in from AZ for the party too.  We finally had all the kids together. Paul and Heather put on a delicious spread of food and drinks. They have a friend that owns a bounce house and he brought it for the little kids. Everyone had a fantastic time.

Chick Fil A nuggets, Portillos beef and sausage amd Mostacolli

Since Chris would be there a long time friend, Justin and his wife Tara and new baby, Knox came up from Bloomington. Normal to attend and catch up with Chris. They have a beautiful family.

Know, Chris, Tara and Justin

Chris so far is a steadfast bachelor but we hope he will find the right woman someday. He had a fun time with Knox but not sure he's ready for one of his own.

The party got rocking, the bags were flying and everyone had some libation and plenty of food.

At the end of the evening we got together for some family photos. Something we haven't done in a long time. I love it when the family is together. Sad part was we couldn't get Sommer's ex to let Brooklyne and Caden attend since it was his weekend. It is what it is.

Heather, Chris, Sommer

The gang

Todd, Sommer

Aiden, Paul, Heather

Chris showing off his guns

We stayed the night before heading back to IN on Sunday. Chris had to catch a plance back to AZ Sunday evening so we got to spend some additional time with him the next morning. 

We had one last dinner tonight at Sommer and Todd's. Teryaki Chicken on the grill, Corn on the Cob, Twice mashed potatoes and cresent rolls. Todd and I did the cooking and grilling this time.

We've a fantastic time visiting family so far. Tomorrow we head back to Elgin, IL and one more week with Aiden, Paul and Heather. Getting in as much family time as we can before heading back to the Southwest.

Still loving the lifestyle.


  1. Great time with family! We look forward to seeing the kids in November. And you two in October!

    1. Thanks Deb. Nothing like family time. See you in October.