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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Back in Elgin, visiting Aiden

So we left Indiana and headed to the Paul Wolff campground in the Burnidge Forest Preserve. We're so happy Glenda found this place last year. It's a great campground as I have previously stated in other posts and we scored another shaded site, #29. We typically will get sites that are more open but being back in the Midwest and the humidity, a shaded site helps a lot. The only problem with shaded sites are the things that drop from the trees when the wind blows or it rains. This was no exception. Before we left I had to get on the roof and sweep off the fallen twigs, berries and nuts. Small price to pay for shade. :-)

View out the back window

Anyway, we were back in Elgin to see our daughter, SIL and Aiden one more time before we move south and west for the winter. Again we had a wonderful time and Aiden did not disappoint with his personality.

Aiden and Zeus are great friends

Even posting these photos puts a huge smile on my face. He's so animated and fun to play with.

We had several great meals at Heather and Paul's house and enjoyed just hanging out. Of course, Aiden had me play bouncy ball in the basement with him each day we were there. Then we got to playing throw the little plastic super heroes in the bucket. Me Maw got to do that several times. Heather, Paul and I also got our turn.

Every time one of them got a super hero in the bucket it was high five time. What a fun way to entertain ourselves. Aiden is also developing a an imagination and plays with his trucks and cars be himself.

So much fun to act like a kid again when playing with him.

One evening Heather invited a girl friend and her boyfriend over for dinner. Casey works at daycare center and has know or taught Aiden since he was about 4 months old. When every you ask him who his favorite is, he says CC. Before he could talk very well he called her CC. She's a wonderful person and you can see why she is working with children. It was so nice to meet her and her boyfriend Bryan.

Bryan, Aiden and Casey

Heather and Paul and pretty organized when it comes to planning each day. Of course when you have a little one you have to. This is Heather's daily sheet with meals and activities while we were there.

Enlarge the photo and see what the final activity is

The Last Supper? Hmmmm....I hope not. Ha-ha    We had a good laugh after she wrote that.

The Last Supper was wonderful. Filet's, Sweet Potatoes and Salad.  And an Imperial Stout. My favorite foods.

Backing up just a little, while at Heather's my 66th birthday rolled around so I decided to have Mexican food since it had been some time since we had any.
Heather and Paul knew of a great place called Mago Grill and Cantina and we had never been there. The food and serve was excellent. I had the Carne Asada California Burrito. It was fantastic. More than enough to eat. We also had guacamole that was made table side. Wonderful chips and salsa too. You could make a meal just of that.  After dinner we took a walk around the outdoor mall area and Glenda found a Victoria Secret to get some new lotion. Aiden ran up and down the sidewalks with Paul chasing him. They had a fun time.

We got a lot of laundry done at their house while in the area and Glenda and I would take walks in the park in the mornings before it got too hot. Having spent so much time in the west last winter and this spring/summer before heading to the Midwest I had forgotten how high the humidity can get. I know I'm rehashing this issue but I will be happy to be heading back to the SW where the humidity is much lower. It's amazing how your body acclimates to different climates. I don't want to get reacclimated to this weather in the Midwest. Sorry.

Well it was a wonderful visit both in Indiana and Chicago area this summer. We enjoy seeing family but they have their lives and we have ours.

We left Elgin and our daughter, SIL. Paul and Aiden and moved to B/N to see my Dad and brother, Kent and finish our Midwest visit.

We're staying at Comlara County campground north of B/N near Hudson, IL. We'll be spending some time with friends at Lake Shelbyville next week and then finish the Midwest visit at Kamp Komfort through Labor Day. Looking forward to seeing our friends Todd and Corinne.

More to come in the next post. Stay tuned.


  1. Looks like you're having a great time with the family. Looking forward to getting into some different type of campgrounds than what the caravan uses. Learning lots so when you're ready maybe we'll head to AK again :)

    1. We are having a lot of fun visiting. Everyone is growing up so fast. Ready to head SW though. Couple of years and we should be ready. We just got our passports so we're good to go. Your photos are wonderful.