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Monday, October 19, 2015

San Antonio, River Walk and the Alamo

We decided to veer off our original plan on the way to AZ and headed to San Antonio. Glenda had heard and read about the San Antonio River Walk and the bike path along the San Antonio River. So we did some research and found the Travelers World RV Resort about 2 miles from the downtown area and the River Walk. The River Walk is made up of hotels, restaurants, shops and nearby the Alamo. Very touristy but it looked like it would be fun. The RV park is a little pricey and typical spacing of sites but they do have the closeness to the River Walk and the park is right next to a trailhead to the bike path.

Our site

Trailhead to bike path

Total of about 10 miles of path

Section along the river

The first day there we rode the path to downtown and looked at where the River Walk was. We got to an area where you can't ride your bike due to the foot traffic and narrow walk along the river downtown. It looked pretty cool and we knew we had to get down there the next day.

We found a parking lot near the River Walk and walked through downtown. The River Walk is below the street level and follows the San Antonio River. We found a tour boat and got our tickets and rode through the River Walk area with great narration of the history.

Doug... our River Walk tour guide
Part of the River Walk was developed for the 1968 HemisFair. Great architecture and landscaping.

We had a great lunch after the tour at a Mexican restaurant called Casa Rio. The food was very good and it was cool watching the people walk by and the tour boats float by. Except for the pigeons looking for a meal after people would leave it was a great place to sit and eat.

We decided to stay an extra day and go back to the River Walk and ride the bike path one more time. This time I wanted to have some Texas BBQ and we found a nice restaurant further down from the Casa Rio called County Line BBQ. I had the brisket and Glenda had smoked turkey. Of course we shared each others food since we wanted to try different dishes. Both were delicious. I also had seen where the old Lone Star Brewery was when we were riding along the bike path the day before so I had to try one. It was good but I like a little more body to my beer. But that's just me.

We walked along the River Walk and over to the Alamo plaza next to the actual Alamo. Funny thing is having never seen it before I thought it was pretty small compared to what I thought it would be. The history is very interesting and there was some renovation going on in the front area.
Enlarge the photos for better viewing

In December 1835, during Texas’ war for independence from Mexico, a group of Texan volunteer soldiers occupied the Alamo, a former Franciscan mission located near what is now the city of San Antonio. On February 23, 1836, a Mexican force numbering in the thousands and led by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna began a siege of the fort. Even though they were outnumbered, the Alamo’s 200 defenders–commanded by James Bowie and William Travis and including the famed frontiersman Davy Crockett–held out courageously for 13 days before the Mexican invaders finally overpowered them. For Texans, the Battle of the Alamo became a symbol of their heroic resistance to oppression and their struggle for independence, which they won later that year.

Nice history lesson in person. Unfortunately they don't allow and photography in the Alamo.

We got another bike ride in the next day and again saw some nice scenery.  We definitely enjoyed our time in San Antonio.

Random photos from San Antonio and our bike rides

After San Antonio headed to Fort Stockton on our way through TX. We stayed at a nice park called the Hilltop RV Park for just one night and then moved on to Las Cruces, NM
A few photos from the Hilltop RV Park

We spent a couple days at the Hacienda RV Park in Las Cruces, Got some DEF for the truck at the local Ford dealer and had a nice meal at a Mexican Restaurant down the street. Then on to Kartchner Caverns SP. More on that later. Getting closer to our winter destination. Thanks for following along.

Couple photos of our sites at Hilltop RV Park in Fort Stockton and Hacienda RV Park in Las Cruces
Hilltop RV Park

Hacienda RV Park


  1. Your pictures of the River Walk Tour brings back a lot of memories.
    You are allowed to take pictures at the Alamo but just not inside the Chapel.
    Glad to see you slowing your travels down to smell the Sage Brush.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Lots of firsts for us right now. Glad my pictures gave you some good memories. Right no photos in the chapel area. Sage brush smells great. :-) Thanks

  2. We've visited the Riverwalk twice now and would go again, such a pretty area. First time we were at a hotel on the Riverwalk, walking the path after dark is a whole different wonderful experience then add in the holiday lights. Now I want to go back.

    The lessons taught back in the day in TX elementary school always led me to also believe the Alamo was much larger. Humbling place to be though.

    We found Hilltop to be just what we needed after a dicey day driving from El Paso east towards Port Aransas. Think snow and ice at the highest elevations and lots of folks not knowing how to drive in it.

    See you soon.

    1. Would love to go back to the River Walk too. Still a lot of restaurants I would like to try out. :-)Very humbling place, agreed. Glad we were traveling in warmer weather. I know about winter, snow driving and watching out for the other guy. See you soon.

  3. Nice pictures. I'd like to go back and spend more time on the River Walk too. FYI, you can get DEF at Walmart for 2 1/2 gallons for $7.50.