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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Gulf SP and Catching up on the blog to San Antonio, TX

It's been a long time since my last post because we seem to be using up our 15 Gb of data on our hotspot very quickly in the month so I have to wait until I have Wi-Fi I can use and not my data. I still want to kick myself for not upgrading my data package while I had the chance to double the data for the same cost last year when we had to get off Millenicom and go with Verizon. Anyway.......

In my last post we left Town Creek COE early and drove to Gulf SP in Gulf Shores, AL. We got a nice pull through site on the Canal Rd. The pull throughs actually are set up so you parallel park. Awning side faces the canal.

We rode the bike paths around the park and took several walks. We also ate a lot of seafood and hit the beaches across from the State Park. We ended up staying about 6 days. Great decision on our part to head there on the way to AZ.

We did make it to a Lamberts Restaurant too. They specialize in southern cooking and thrown rolls. After they give you your first roll, if you want another they throw it to you. Their delicious and very big. Lots of fun there and great food.

 Hard to leave a place like that and I know we'll be back again. We stopped at a local seafood shop and picked up some grouper and a couple pounds of Royal Red Shrimp. Plan to do a boil with some friends at the RV park in AZ.

After Gulf Shores, AL and we headed to Buccaneer SP in Waveland, MS and had some good seafood there too. Buccaneer SP is a place we stopped at on the way back to IL in the spring. We only stopped there for a couple of days. Then it was off to Abbeville, LA and Palmetto Island SP. Again we only wtayed a couple of days but while there we had to stop at Shucks Oyster House and meet the owner, David Bertrand. The food is to die for and their hospitality is second to none. We even got our picture with Mr. Bertrand and he posted it on their FB page.

While at Palmetto Island SP we took a walk around the park and came across an armadillo and near a pavilion we saw a alligator up close.

This is one of our favorite parks so far. Wish we could have stayed longer but se are on a mission to get to AZ.

After Abbeville, LA we headed to Galveston Island, TX. Our first stop in TX. We couldn't get into Galveston Island SP so I opted for a city park called Dellanerra Park about 5 miles closer to the downtown historical area and beach scene.

The park is right on the beach. The TX beaches aren't as pretty as FL and AL beaches in our opinions. But the sand is very hard and cars can drive on it in certain areas. Easy to walk on too.

We took a tour of the historical area and got a nice history lesson on the area and the hurricane of 1900 and Hurricane Ike. Some home had been restored and some still in progress and still some with no progress.

Hurricane Ike did a lot of damage to the Live Oak trees on the island and some folks took advantage of the damage by making some nice tree carvings.
Click on the photos to see them better.

While there we also did a dolphin tour and saw a couple of Cruise Ships getting ready to leave for some ports in Mexico.

We gorged on some more seafood and some nice beach scenery. I think we're almost ready for some Mexican food in AZ now.

Down at the pier we ate at Joe's Crab Shack too. We took a walk along the pier and saw some oil rigs in from the gulf and other tour boats.

After all this fun we had to move on through TX. Our next stop was San Antonio. We found a park about 2 miles from the downtown River Walk area. This is a nice park for convenience and it's very clean and well kept up. We had a FHU pull through.

Like any RV park the sites are close together but as I said it's convenient and well kept. This is a pretty long post so I will end here and catch up some more next time. Lots of tell about San Antonio, the River Walk, bike paths and the Alamo.

P.S. We are in AZ at Canyon Vistas RV Resort as I write this post. This is our winter destination.

Thanks of following along.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Steve. Hard to keep up sometimes.

  2. Sorry you're having gig deficiencies, we signed up for the 40g when they had the double deal going on. We can easily use 30g a far we've never used near the 40g unless on the last few days of the plan when I do some streaming.

    So are Bear & Shortie your neighbors again...we have friends from TX coming to AZ and staying near them. Yes the beaches in AL & all along the coast eastward are much finer and softer but again they can't handle the vehicle traffic.

    Glad you enjoyed should have taken the ferry ;) then you would have seen the dolphins as they cavort in the ferry wake.

    See you next week.

    1. You're right Faye...we should have taken the ferry. At first we didn't seem to use as much but later it's more. Should have done the double data when I had the chance. We would definitely go back to Galeston again. We love watching the dolphins. Thanks

  3. One of the reasons you are using a lot of data is your computer is continually updating. Go into your control panel to the settings and disable the auto settings. Then once a month go someplace that offers free WiFi and update your machines. Most fast-food places, chain eateries, coffee shops and public libraries have the free WiFi which will help you save on your data with Verizon.
    Next year we'll be giving up our apartment and settling in to the Fulltime RV Lifestyle. Maybe then we'll finally get a chance to meet.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Rick and Kathy....that's a great idea. Thank you. You'll enjoy full time RV life. We got Mediacom internet while here in AZ. Great speed, no data limits. Disabled the hotspot for a while to save on the bill too. Hope we can get that chance to meet.

  4. Looks like you had great weather! Loved those areas too! Yummy food!