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Salmon Glacier
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Visiting Aiden

Our son-in-law, Paul, Was going to be out of town for the weekend so our daughter, Heather, asked us to come and stay over the weekend and keep her and Aiden company. Well that was all we needed to pack our clothes and drive to their home. We arrived on Saturday around noon and Aiden was just getting up from a short morning nap. We decided to get some lunch so we bundled Aiden up and drove to Portillo's Italian Beef Restaurant in Glendale Heights on North Ave. They have the best Italian Beef and Hotdogs in America. At least by my standards. After lunch we needed to drive downtown Chicago so Heather could pick up her race packet for the Monster Dash 5k race on Sunday.
Traffic was pretty good going downtown but got a little slow on the way back out. Aiden was getting a little antsy on the way home but did a good job over all. Once we got home we got his play things  and had some fun watching him play.

He has grown so much and developed  his coordination and strength. Later he had a bottle and started to get sleepy and off to bed he went. We shared some pizza leftovers that Heather had from the night before. We stayed up for a while watching TV until Heather had to go to bed. She needed to get up early to drive downtown for the race the next day. Aiden is a good sleeper and sleeps through the night now.

Heather got up and took Izzy out for a walk and to potty. As she was getting back in I had gotten up and noticed that Aiden was stirring around so I went in to get him and he had a big smile on his face when he saw me. What a great way to wake up each day. He had a bottle and got changed. Heather had to leave so I put him in his bouncy chair and he played with attached toys. He likes to jump and bounce around. After a couple of hours he started to show signs of feeling sleepy so we changed his diaper and took him up to bed. He fussed a little but soon went to sleep. Aiden slept for about an hour and we got him up with a smile on his face.

Heather got home after noon, showered and changed. We decided to go to Panera and have lunch and then we went to Target near by to get Aiden a couple of new shirts and a pair of pants. While we were there we looked at a Space Saver High Chair. Heather and Paul don't have a lot of room in their kitchen/dining room so we got them the Space Saver chair and it fit perfectly on their dining room chair.

This is a photo from Fisher- Price
This will come in very handy since they were using a Bumbo chair on the counter to feed Aiden. Before we left Heather wanted to have Aiden try a baby rice cracker with banana flavor. Aiden wasn't too sure about the new flavor compared to his mother's milk and his formula. Here is his reaction.

It was getting to be mid afternoon and we needed to get home so we said our goodbyes and Heather took Aiden up for his afternoon nap. We had a great time and look forward to getting back soon. It will be great when we can spend more time with family. Still working toward retirement and it won't be long. Keep checking my countdown clock. I know I am. :-)  

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  1. Sounds like a great time with family, a big part of our travels this winter is to see family and friends. Before you know it the clock will run down and the waiting will end.