Salmon Glacier

Salmon Glacier
Salmon Glacier, BC, Canada

Friday, October 18, 2013

Rest and Relaxation

I had a wonderful time watching the grandkids a couple of weeks ago but having not handled young ones for a long time I needed to renew myself. It really wasn't bad at all I just wanted to get another weekend of camping in before the cover goes on the trailer. I made a reservation at our local county park called Comlara. This park is situated next to Evergreen Lake in McLean County. I reserved site #98 which is an open site with a small tree on the west side of the site(the back side of the trailer). Glenda had to work until 4 pm and I got off at noon. So I hitched up the trailer and headed north of town on I 39 and took the Lake Evergreen-Lake Bloomington exit and turned west. About a mile down the county road you turn left and pick up the road that leads to the entrance to the park. I stopped at the office and paid my fee and then drove down the park road to our site. It's a back in site with electric and water only and is easy to maneuver our short trailer into the proper spot.


I hooked up the electric and water(I had to use all 50 ft. of hose to get to the water) then I put out the awning, the rug and got the loungers out. It was time to hang out and enjoy the fall colors and temps.

Even in Illinois you can enjoy some fall colors and landscape along with the blue sky and occasional cloud. After work Glenda drove out to the campsite and we took a walk around the park and noticed that all the electric sites were reserved for the weekend. I enjoy walking by all the sites and having other campers wave and me waving back. The feeling of "I don't know you but we have something in common" makes me want to fulltime even more. It doesn't matter if you have a tent, a pop up, a trailer, 5th wheel or Class A motorhome everyone is on the same playing field. We're all out here loving life and feeling free.

After our walk it was getting dark(that is happening earlier and earlier now) so we got out the chili that Glenda had made the night before and heated it up in the microwave. We had some oyster crackers, veggies and a soft drink. Food really does taste better when camping. After dinner I got the fire starting material out and got a great fire going.

Temperatures were going to get down into the 40's so we bundled up a bit and got close to the fire and it felt sooooo good. We stayed by the fire until about 9 pm and then we went inside to watch some local station TV.

After some TV we headed to bed for a good nights sleep under our micro fleece sheets. Those are one the greatest materials ever made. All we had to do is run our little portable electric heater so it kicked on once in a while and we were toasty warm all night.

Saturday morning we slept in a bit and then had some oatmeal, Craisins, walnuts and juice to wash it down. We decided that since we are only 10 miles from home we would drive into town and take a shower, I would get a Starbuck's, run a couple of errands and then head right back out to the campsite. Once we got back to the campground we took a walk and the had some lunch. We had some chicken salad on crackers and veggies. After that it was time to sit out in the sun and enjoy the warmth, the people walking or riding by and dream.

 The view from our site
We sat in our loungers for some time and then it was time to take another walk. Again the sun started to sink below the horizon fairly early so I started a fire and Glenda got the turkeyburgers ready to be grilled for supper. I then got the grill out and we first put the potato packets on. When they were done on went the turkeyburgers. We set up the dinette for dinner and had a great meal.
Outside looking in
After cleaning up the dishes we setting by the fire and enjoyed the colors, the warmth and each others company. Glenda and I will have no trouble being together 24/7 after we retire. We truly enjoy being together. Once the fire burned down we again moved inside to watch some TV and get ready for bed.
On Sunday we had our oatmeal and got ready to go back to town for a shower and I got another Starbucks. We didn't stay long in town and headed back to the site for some more rest and relaxation. I forgot that Monday was Columbus Day and Glenda had the day off(she works as a school secretary) so I called by supervisors work phone and left a message that I would be taking a day of vacation on Monday. We walked up to the park office and paid for another night. That felt really good. One more day. I bought a couple more bundles of firewood and we sat out  in our loungers and enjoyed the great fall weather we were having. Highs were around 70 and the night's were in the low 40's. This is what fall camping is all about. We had another great campfire and then some TV and on to bed.
 Cobwebs in the grass

Another view from our site

Glenda had a dental appointment Monday morning about 11 am so I stayed back and started the preliminary packing up duties. About noon I headed into town to pick up Glenda so we would only have the truck at the campsite and we could ride back together. It's funny we were only 10 miles from town but felt like we much farther away. We squeezed out as much time as we could before we got serious about packing up, hitching up and driving back to town. I think we were the last trailer to leave except to those that were staying another day or more. We headed to the storage facility and put the trailer in her spot. Once we got home I got on line and made a reservation at Bo Wood COE campground at Lake Shelbyville for the last weekend they will be open this season. We have been to Bo Wood every closing weekend the last 3 years. Thank goodness the government shutdown is over I didn't want to break our streak. Next weekend will be the last time we use it before we either sell it or trade it for the 5th wheel next spring. In one way it will be sad and in another way it is exciting to think of the life to come. Still working toward retirement and it won't be long.


  1. Sounds like you truly have a severe case of Hitchitch if you ask me. Once the new truck and trailer arrive it will be hard not to just take off before the house is sold but like I've said before once it's gone so will that anchor holding you back from living your dream. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Rick and Kathy, I would agree I have a severe case. I know it will be harder once we have the truck and trailer. We plan to move in once we sell the house next spring and I hope that will help get us through until we actually retire. Thanks Curt

  2. Sounds like a great weekend out, wish we could have gotten to Bo Woods but maybe next time, glad it's open again so you can enjoy another closing weekend there. One more year of winterizing and before you know it the house will be gone and you'll be on the road. It's cold here in WI hope your weekend is a bit warmer, south and westward on Monday.

    1. Faye N Dave, Looks like it will be a little cool next weekend but a good campfire will warm things up. Taking the trailer in for winterizing next week after Bo Wood camping. Stay warm and thanks for your comment. Curt