Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Catching up again after our time in the Midwest with family

We made it to Indiana and spent a couple nights at the Elkhart Campground but they had a large rally coming in so we had to move out. We were planning on coming back after the rally but we found out the Elkhart County Fairgrounds in Goshen had public RV sites as long as they didn't have any large rallies or the fair going on. They didn't and the rate was better than Elkhart Campground. After arriving at the fairgrounds we got a great FHU site next to the trotter race track and were entertained each day as the trainers exercised the horses.  We decided this would be a great home base while visiting family. We booked a month for $600. The great thing about the site was we were the only ones in that section for the entire time we were there.

After a week of visiting our daughter Sommer and family in Osceola, we drove to Bartlett and stayed with Heather, Paul and Aiden. Aiden is playing T Ball this summer so we got to see a couple games while there.

He gets distracted in the field but he can really hit the ball well. All the kids are just beginning to learn the fundamentals. Heather and Paul took us to a favorite Mexican restaurant in Carol Stream. They have a great menu and good Margaritas. We took some photos by a fountain next to the restaurant.

 After a week there, we headed back to finish our visiting with Sommer, Todd and the grandkids in Indiana. The grandkids there aren't as young as Aiden any more so we don't tend to do as much with them. Caden is now working at McDonalds regularly this summer and Brooklyne is catching up with friends she had before going to live with her Dad in Georgia. However with Sommer having a pool now, we got to spend more time with Ryleigh. She loves the pool like her mom. And we do too.

Needless to say I didn't get any photos of Sommer and the family but I can say it was a wonderful time. Even if we did just kick back and hang out.

Here's a photo from last Christmas when we visited Sommer and Todd and family. 

 Well while we were back in Elkhart there was a Kids Horse Camp going on. It was fun watching the kids learn how to handle their horses and then some fun doing some barrel racing.

Since we were heading to the west after visiting we stopped again to see Heather, Paul and Aiden. Aiden still likes trains so we took him on the train to downtown Chicago and then on a water taxi to Navy Pier.

Aiden and I rode the giant Ferris wheel and we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Lots of people to watch as we hung out at the pier.

It was a fun day and Aiden was pretty tired as we rode the train home. What a day. 

Then we decided to have Aiden stay over night a couple night with us at the motorhome. We have a King bed so we all slept in it. Plenty of room.

We had a campfire and did some traditional S'mores and played lots and lots of games. Aiden has a little quiet time in the morning after getting up but after that it's go, go, go until bed time. Not used to that much going.

We bought Aiden a Lego car to make while he was with us. It got him to sit still for a little while. 

The weekend before we left to head further west from our visits, Heather's neighborhood had a block party and we got invited. They started our with a bike parade with the kids.

Aiden and his bike were all decked out

It was a hot day so lots of folks brought tables with umbrellas and there was food. lots of food.

At the end of the day Aiden had to do some sparklers in the back yard. 

That wrapped up another fantastic summer visit with our family. We did see more baseball before we left and Paul made his famous smoked ribs. We even made a stop at a couple breweries that they have been raving about. And it just so happened that Paul's nephew Thomas was staying at their house while we visited. They happy that we took Aiden for a few days so Paul could do some entertaining with his nephew. Thomas lives back in Pennsylvania and hasn't traveled too much so this was a real treat. It was great getting to know him too.

That's a pretty good synopsis of our visit with both families. I know I didn't put everything down in the post but I just can't remember everything. The time goes by so quickly. Looking forward to seeing everyone again in December when we go back to the Midwest to sit with Aiden and spend some time with Sommer and family too.

Now it's off to begin the trek west but first a little side trip to Central Illinois to see our RV friends Faye and Dave. They're workamping back at the Corp park at Lake Shelbyville. Couldn't pass up the opportunity to see them while we're in the area. Thanks for following along.


  1. How wonderful to be able to spend so much time with family, looks like everyone had a blast. Love the navy pier Ferris wheel.

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