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Salmon Glacier
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Spending time with family in Illinois and Indiana

We've been here in Central IL for about 2 weeks now. This has been a wonderful time to be near family. A week ago Sunday was Mother's Day so we planned to go to our daughter, Heather's home in Bartlett, IL along with our son, Chris, who flew in from Mesa, AZ and our daughter, Sommer in Indiana came with the family. A perfect day for celebrating Mother's Day having all the kids with their mother.

Heather, Glenda, Chris and Sommer

So great to have the mother's in our family together.

We're so blessed that all our kids and grandkids are healthy, happy and able to spend the day with us.

We grilled burgers, brats and everyone hung around outside on a beautiful day.

Ryleigh and Aiden


Playing with the bubble machine

Everyone getting into it

If you know our son, Chris, you know he's quite the attention getting guy so hand stands were in order for him.

I could do that when I was his age too.

When you're having so much fun it's hard to see everyone heading back to their homes. Of course we had to do some family photos with the whole group and the youngest grandson with his little stuffed animal and making fish lips. Aiden is too cute.

Mom and Dad taught him how to do this move...if you don't know what it is, you should look it up

Grandma and Grandpa with the grandkids(minus 2)

The crazy family

We could not have asked for a better day.

Had to include one more of the ham in the family...wonder where he gets it.

After that fun weekend we came back to B/N and took care of a couple appointments and more visiting with my Dad.

Last weekend we made the trip up to Osceola, IN to spend additional time with our daughter, Sommer and family. We always enjoy visiting our kids and seeing how well all they're doing.

No specific plans other than doing some yardwork and hanging out. We had the opportunity to take our SIL's mother with us to visit too. The drive there can be long so it's nice to share the ride with her.

Barb and Todd

We had some rain over the weekend but Todd and I got the mulching around the house done and pulled some weeds. Before we left we took a trip to the Garden Center and picked up a few new plants that didn't make it over the winter. They've done such a great job of landscaping around the home

When we left on Sunday it was a bittersweet time. Our oldest granddaughter, Jasmyne, is moving to MI to work and go to school. She's getting an apartment with a girlfriend and we'll miss seeing her on our next visit in a couple weeks. We've had so much fun seeing her mature into a wonderful, lovely young woman. We're so happy to have had the opportunity to have her travel with us a couple weeks last summer after her high school graduation.

Las Vegas - Michael Jackson One

Zion NP

Bryce Canyon NP

Another fantastic weekend with family.

Missing Brooklyne and Mason

We couldn't let the weekend go by without a group selfie.

We're back in B/N again with more visiting and appointments with the dentist and for the truck.

Looking forward to seeing more friends and spending more family time here too.

Thanks for following along.


  1. Family...that's what it's all about. So happy Chris got there to celebrate Mothers Day with you.

    1. Thanks Faye. We were really happy to have everyone together.

  2. No matter the occasion it's always nice to spend time with family making memories.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Making memories is also what our blogs are about. Family time is perfect for that too.