Salmon Glacier

Salmon Glacier
Salmon Glacier, BC, Canada

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Keeping busy in the new year and Happy Anniversary

Well I've been continuing my Pickleball playing and even tried out for a tournament with a friend here in the RV park. We unfortunately did not make it into the tournament but we had a great time. Along with that Glenda has been attending her Line Dancing classes on Tuesdays and Saturdays. She really enjoys that activity and she's really good. We also started a couples Country Dance class which is not my favorite thing to do but I am trying and making some progress.

We also celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary on Jan. 21st. It was a relaxing day and we went to dinner with our friends Ron and Patsy. We ate at a new place called San Tan Flat. Click the link for photos and menu. Here are some I took while there.

There is indoor seating and outdoor seating with fire pits. It can get a little cool in the evening. If you sit outdoors you have to stand in line to order your food and pick it up. We opted for indoor with a waitress. We took a stroll outside and noticed some great placards with quotes from Jefferson, Webster, Franklin and other fore fathers of the country. Interesting stuff to contemplate.

We had a wonderful time. So glad we decided to try it out. We'll definitely be going back again.

We had such a great time on our hike with our friends Steve and Mona Liza on the Jacob's Crosscut trail and we hadn't been out hiking since then so we invited Ron and Patsy to go with us on the same trail. It has a nice elevation gain and great views near the Praying Hands rock. It was a warmer day that day and full sun. Perfect for a hike.

Praying Hands rock

Four Peaks without snow

Tall Saguaro

There is a sea of Cholla around the mountain near the trailhead so we had to have some fun.

Help I'm stuck in the Cholla

Once we got to the Crosscut trail intersect with Treasure Loop we took a few more photos.

Ron and Patsy

Top of the world?

Couple of mountain men

Downhill skiers?

We always have such a fun time with Ron and Patsy. After our hike we took them to a Chinese restaurant what we went to with Steve and Mon Liza. (Thanks again for turning us on to this the food.)

Yesterday our street here at the park had a get together. All and Barb a couple of sites from us held the event at their site. All grilled a pork loin and everyone brought a side dish to share. Another perfect day for a get together. Great friends and great food.

After the get together the park had a S'mores event in the parking lot near the Park Office. I like graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallows so off we went. Our next door neighbors, Ken and Sue, were going too so we walked over with them. We took our bag chairs and sat near the tubs where they made the fires to roast marshmallows. I worked hard at making the perfect toasted marshmallow.


Yum Yum

Me, Glenda, Sue and Ken

As the sun went down there was a very cool sunset.

Sue is the Line Dancing instructor at the park so she got Glenda and a few other women to get up and dance to person playing the music. Sam and the Band. Sam is the only one in the band. He played both country and rock.

They were wonderful entertainment for those at the party. Glenda had a fun time. After a while it was cooling off quickly so we headed home. So nice put down some roots for a while and enjoy the desert weather while making friends. So many fun things to do. Only two more months here and we'll be on the move again. We plan to spend some time in California and Nevada in April and May before heading to Utah and the National Parks. Looking forward to seeing our RV friends, Steve and Debbie in March and we need to get some more hiking in with Dave and Faye. I know Glenda and Faye will soon be doing some horseback riding with a Groupon special. Can't wait to get started on new adventures.


  1. So glad to you're enjoying things in AJ, and yes we need to get some more hiking in, we'd love to come down your way and try some of your trails. I have our volunteer schedule through March so Glenda and I need to make horseback riding plans.

    1. Glenda has the Groupon coupons printed so anytime you want to ride she's ready. You're welcome to come to our place any time too.