Salmon Glacier

Salmon Glacier
Salmon Glacier, BC, Canada

Sunday, November 8, 2015

More arrivals, more activity and more hiking

Our Canadian friends, Ron and Patsy, arrived at the end of Oct along with more and more park residents. As the weather has turned cooler in the north and the temperatures in AZ are more comfortable the mass arrivals are beginning. We were very happy to see our friends and have been getting together with them regularly. We've been playing cards, board games and getting to the pool for some relaxation. Ever since we got here I've been wanting to go to Dirtwater Springs Restaurant in Apache Junction for the All You Can Eat Alaskan Cod so last week we went with Ron and Patsy. Ron and I definitely got our monies worth. I know I'll be able to talk them into going again. :-)

 I, of course, have been playing Pickleball about 2-3 times a week and played some more golf. Glenda is going to the line dancing lessons that just started last week. Last winter I posted a lot about my hiking with the RV park hiking club which hasn't started yet so to get myself back into shape Glenda and I got our first hike in on the Lost Gold Mine Trail last week. It's an easy terrain trail and very scenic. A great first hiking adventure.
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Lost Gold Mine Trail

Saguaros, Cholla and the moon

Trail to the Gold Mine?

Horsemen on the trail

My hiking companion

We spent about 2-2 1/2 hours on the trail. As you can see in the photos we had to share the trail with some horsemen/women. One of the horses had some hoof covers to give the horse better traction and protect the horses feet. We had a great time and enjoyed that first hike.

Last week we got the rig washed by a professional pressure wash company. It looks great and now it's time for me to do some waxing. The plan is to do it in sections. Some in the mornings and some in the late afternoon when the sun is lower. First I have to apply some UV protection to the roof. If you're going to play, you have to pay. Ha ha. Actually waxing the rig is long overdue. We did put some new rug step covers on and I put wheel covers on the tires for the winter. Before applying the covers I put some UV protectant on the tires. This will reduce tire deterioration and cracking. The rig is looking really sharp. Once the wax is applied the rig will be in great shape for the winter.

On Friday we got together with Ron and Patsy and did a more strenuous hike up Siphon Draw toward Flat Iron. Siphon Draw is the lower portion of the more challenging hike up to Flat Iron. The trail begins at about a 10% grade and leads to a section of flat rock called "The Bowl". The trail is somewhat rocky but mainly dirt. We took our time and stayed hydrated. Once we got to "The Bowl" we stopped for some lunch and watched folks that had started earlier and were coming down from the top of Flat Iron. Round trip was about 4 hours or so. We all hit the pool and hot tub the next day.
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                                                                                 Praying Hands Rock

Glenda, Patsy and Ron below

                                   Flat Iron to the right

The Bowl

Glenda enjoying lunch

Ron and Patsy

Our RV friends, Steve and Debbie will be coming to the area in January and Debbie wants to go the top of Flat Iron. She tried last spring but wasn't able to get up the last section so I have to get into shape to help her make it this time. The views are spectacular and even though it will be a challenge to get back up there, I know it will be worth it and see the look on her face too.

                                                         Some photos from last year.

The view of the RV park(top, middle) from Flat Iron

Looking out from the top

View down to Flat Iron from the Hoodoos above

On top of the world

We're feeling more comfortable this year since we know more folks and are able to renew our friendships. We really enjoy moving around the country(lot more to see)but it's nice to put down some roots for a short time. RV parks aren't for everyone but this is how WE'RE doing it. I know I'll be ready to start moving again in the spring. Making plans for our travels next spring/summer but for now this is paradise.

P.S.   I've lost almost 7 lbs. since we arrived. Another good thing about being here.



  1. We'll have to come down on a day off to do some hiking with you. We finally got out on a trail yesterday, 5+ miles and it felt great to be out hiking again.

    Sounds like you're enjoying yourselves and loosing weight is an added bonus...haven't been on a scale but I know we're not gaining.

    Hope to see you soon.

    1. We are having fun and look forward to getting together for a hike, dinner, TSO or whatever you want to do. :-) Hope all is going well with the new job. From what I see on FB, you made the right decision.

  2. Great pictures! I can't wait to get back and take another stab at Flat Iron. I also want to hike Weavers Needle and some of the other great hikes I've seen you guys do!