Salmon Glacier

Salmon Glacier
Salmon Glacier, BC, Canada

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Final goodbyes and heading southwest

It's been a while since I posted our travels this summer. I've mentioned and posted that we've been going in circles this summer visiting family and friends with a couple of side trips. Well we're in our last phase of circles before we head southwest for the winter. After our trip to Bo Wood COE we were back at Comlara campground for a few days before moving to Elkhart, IN and seeing our daughter and grandkids there. We had a great time and even got some work done on the rig. Fortunately the water that got in the underbelly did not affect the insulation and was drained out without much effort or cost. We wanted to have the RV dealer that did the work also see if we could get our toilet replaced however they weren't too keen on working with our extended warranty company and ended up just doing some lubricating and adjusting to make it work better. Well it did for about 2 days then started to act up again. Isn't there anyone out there that will do what you ask them to do? All they wanted to do is get us in and out as quickly as possible with out much attention to detail. We won't be going back to Tiara RV in Elkhart, IN. So we hope to get by until we get to AZ and then have a mobile tech help us. They seem to be a little better at detail there. Enough about that.

We had some fun grilling out and hanging with the grandkids. We took them to the mall to get them some clothes for school and made some meals at their home. Sometimes it's just more fun to hangout than have lots planned. We had the opportunity to celebrate Caden's 13th birthday with some Italian Beef and an ice cream cake. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of the cake before the first cut.

We went to Ryleigh's school for lunch one day and were at their home each day when she got off the bus. We had to wait until the weekend to see Caden and Brooklyne since they live with their dad. It was great having everyone together. Jasmyne had work some evenings but that's how it is for a senior in high school. So glad she 's getting some work ethic and experience.

Brooklyne and Caden
Jasmyne, Caden and Brooklyne
Glenda kept busy in the kitchen a lot making cookies one day and cooking some of the evening meals.

Our daughter's husband, Todd, has a son that graduated from Davenport University in Grand Rapids, MI and his birthday is also in August. He happened to come home the weekend we were there too. We had a good time catching up.

The guys on their phones and tablets

We had some rain one day and Ryleigh had to go out and jump in the puddles with here boots on. It was a great visit and we'll miss everyone there very much. After we said out goodbyes with Brooklyne and Caden on Sunday evening before they went back to their dad's house, we then said goodbye to the rest of the family Monday evening. Our next stop would be Elgin, IL and visiting our daughter, SIL and Aiden in Streamwood.

We were a little concerned that we might not get a site at the Paul Wolff campground since they're walk in only but arriving on a Tuesday turned out good and we decided to take the same site #66 that we had the last time we visited. Of course the campground filled up toward the end of the week since it was Labor Day weekend.

We got together with Paul, Heather and Aiden after we got set up and had such a great time taking walks and playing with Aiden. We went out to dinner over the weekend and instead of going to Coopers Hawk Winery and Restaurant, we decided to mic it up and go to Georgio's Pizza. They have a great thin crust pizza and craft beer. Everything was delicious. After our dinner we had some frozen yogurt at a nearby shop. We're going to miss seeing Aiden while we're gone. He's so much fun and so cute. Paul and Heather are doing such a great job of raising him and he learns so quickly.

Aiden watching TV and having dinner

A brownie mustache
Aiden likes to eat dinner watching Bubble Guppy's or Blaze and the Trucks. He loves beans and ravioli. He also eats his vegetables without any trouble. One afternoon we took Aiden to Chick Fil A and he played in the kids area after his lunch. Some girls were really screaming a lot so it took him a little while to warm up to the noise and do some playing.

Of course once he got started he didn't want to leave. He's growing up so fast. I can't imagine the changes there will be next summer when we get back.

Aiden's "cheese" smile

We picked up some PJ's for Aiden and I picked out these. They say "Late Night Camper". The family came out to our site one evening over the weekend and we grilled some chicken and sweet potatoes and corn. After dinner we started a fire and toasted some marshmallows. A great way to end our visit.  


We did go back to their home one last evening before we said our final goodbyes. We enjoyed our visit and decided we have to do "Face Time" each month to keep up. Aiden sang his ABC's for us and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star songs. So cute.

We're back in Blo/No for our goodbyes with Dad and my brother, Kent. We decided to stay at Kamp Komfort for the week instead of hassling with the gnats at Comlara park. The site we got is not as close to the Interstate so the traffic noise is tolerable and we have FHU's. Glenda has her last dentist appt on Monday for her gum surgery last month and then Tuesday we head to Rend Lake in Southern IL. We'll keep you posted as we go.


  1. You definitely need more hours in the days to keep up with everything that you are doing.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Sounds like a great time visiting with friends and family! Safe travels to Arizona. We're on our way there now. We'll be in Utah tonight and cross into AZ later in Oct. If we don't see you then, we'll see you in Feb!