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Salmon Glacier
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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Buccaneer SP...Waveland, MS a new state for us

We left Palmetto Island SP on Monday morning and arrived without incident at Buccaneer SP in Waveland, MS. Mississippi is a new state for us and along the gulf it is beautiful. This area was hit hard in the Katrina Hurricane and it is evident with the beach repair that is still going on(10 years later) and homes that have not been rebuilt. However there are many that have and they are incredible. Some really rich people rebuilt some nice homes along the shoreline.

Of course they're built on stilts to protect from rising water in the event of another hurricane. These homes are built right across from the beaches and the gulf area. We spent two mornings at the beach down from the park. The State Park is actually right across from the beaches and we found out later that they had walk in sites next to the road across from the beaches. We may consider that next time if we are able to make it back this way in the future. Our first night we decided to go explore and drove down Beach Blvd to Bay St. Louis about 5 miles from the park. We ended up at The Blind Tiger for dinner and had Mahi Tacos with potatoes and corn on the cob. The potatoes and corn was a little too spicy but it all tasted good. We wanted to get the Royal Red shrimp but they were out. However we did go back a couple of day later a little earlier and picked up an order and brought them back to the rig.

Thanks to Steve and Debbie for the heads up on "The Reds". They are peel and eat and were delicious. We will be looking for those again in the future too.
We were able to ride our bikes on a bike path right next to the beach and today we rode about 11 miles. The sun was out and there was a nice breeze to cool us off. The weather has been great with highs in the upper 70's and lows around 60.

We took a drive and saw a guy on a kite board on one of the beaches near by. He had good wind today as you can see from the white caps.
This park is rebuilt and has several nice loops with some old and new areas. The sites are back in but at an angle to get in fairly easy. I'm still working on my skills.
On one of our excursions to the beach we came across a Veteran's Memorial that was very well done.

We found a nice little frozen yogurt shop in the downtown area next to the beach and ended up going there 3 out of 4 days we have been here. They let you guess how much your yogurt weighs and if you guess exactly, you get it for free. Well, Glenda was able to guess hers today and got it free. 1 out of 3 is pretty good. Not so for me. That's why I don't gamble. Not that lucky.
Froyo place called Purple Banana

Well worth stopping if you're in the area. There were also some shops along Beach Blvd and some restaurants. Nice area to stop at and get some down time. Except for neighbors that play music a little too loud and all you get is the bass. Can get annoying and I'm glad we're moving on tomorrow.
We made a little change in the plan of where we're staying after here. We are going to Pensacola, FL instead of Gulf Shores, AL and instead of 4 days we booked a week. Got a better rate too. We found a nice RV park a little ways off I-10 about 20 minutes from the beach where we had spent some spring break time about 3 years ago. We stayed a week in Navarre, FL and rode our bikes every day on the Gulf Island National Seashore between Navarre and Pensacola. We are looking forward to getting back there and enjoying that unspoiled area. We only have a short 150 miles to go tomorrow.
After a week in FL we plan to head north some into AL and a COE park near Tuscaloosa, AL. We shorten up our stops as we head north so we can meet up with our RV friends Faye and Dave who are just a few days behind us. Glenda is going to hit Dave up for a cooking lesson. Be ready Dave. :-)
See you all in FL. 



  1. Dave has been warned, looking forward to seeing you again in IL. We loved Buccaneer, glad the bugs weren't a problem for you. See you next week.

  2. Glad you finally found some Reds! Pretty skies and beaches!