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Salmon Glacier
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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Leaving Tuscon, Wheel issues and Canyon Vistas RV Park

Last Saturday we moved from Tucson to Gold Canyon. However before leaving we decided to stop at an RV repair facility to check out a slow leak in our right rear tire of the 5th wheel. We stopped at All RV on N Grant Rd. After backing into a tight space between two other rigs the mechanic too the wheel off and found the source of the slow leak.

Not the most professional looking

Got experience backing to a tight space

Crack in the wheel

Decided to put spare
Well it wasn't road debris in the's a crack in the wheel near the spoke. Of course they didn't have a wheel like ours in stock and I don't know if this is a defect in the wheel or damage from a pot hole or something like that. So I had them just put the spare on and make sure it was at the right pressure. After a total of 3 plus hours we got out of there and on the road. We were able to make it to Gold Canyon around 2:30 pm PDT and park on our site. I have made contact with the supplier of the wheels for Heartland. They are sending me a claim form to fill out and I will need to get some additional photos of the wheel to send them. They will determine if there is a defect of road damage. Either way I should be ok since I do have Tire and Wheel Coverage on my Extended Warranty that I bought from Wholesale Warranties. Plus we are staying in the park for the next 4 months and that will give me time to resolve this issue, get a new wheel and have a tire facility put the new tire on the new wheel and then when we leave in March I can have an RV repair service take the spare off and put the new wheel and tire on. Once we get the rig washed, we'll put some covers on the wheels and no one will be the wiser. So we are in Gold Canyon and beginning to have some fun. We like our site and our neighbors.
Our site #319 and our neighbors behind and side

Green space across from our site with a walkway
So many things to do here....Will update later.
Updates can be an issue since our cell service here for our MiFi is somewhat sporadic and weak. Also the park Wi-Fi is some what sketchy too.  Looks like I need to look into a booster and antenna. If you have any experience with this and some advice...I will gladly take it. Thank you 


  1. Glad you made it safely to Tuscon, nice you got a corner site, We've had to get an antenna and booster too. Here's links to what we got:

    Has worked great for us...if you have any questions shoot us an email.

  2. Really enjoying reading your blog from start to finish. I found out about your blog from another and became even more interested when I read you started off with a Bighorn and that particular floor plan which we also like.

    How long did it take you before you became relatively less nervous about backing your trailer?

    We are looking at trailers starting at 35' and trying to stay at 40 or under. I've done tons of reading about the pros and cons of trailer lengths. Karen and I want to be comfortable with the floor plan and let that dictate the length within reason. We are also keeping an eye on cargo capacity. At this point in your journey, do you have any serious concerns having gone with a 39' trailer?

    I'll keep reading, and thanks for the detailed posts. Travel Safe!

    1. First, Thanks for following along Mark. I appreciate your comment. We went to RV shows for 3-4 years prior to going full time. I had originally thought I would buy another brand and model but came across this one accidentally. I didn't like the kitchen and living space so close together like in other brands and models. The 3585rl had a great pantry that separated the spaces so that's what interested us. We also found it had so much more storage over all in other areas. A 39 foot 5th wheel is about the right size for full timing but others have gone shorter. It still can be a chore backing the rig up but it's just trial and error and practice. I don't have any real concerns going with a 39 foot trailer except my wife doesn't like driving the truck due to the dual rear tires and length and it's too long to fit in the National Park campgrounds. We decided on the dually diesel and super cab to properly pull the rig with a 15,500 lb. GVWR. So far happy with our decision and looking forward to more adventures in the future down the road.