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Salmon Glacier
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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Finally heading to AZ and meeting new full time friends

As I posted recently, Dad is doing better than we expected and is being well taken care of at the nursing home. We got the title to the Mitsubishi Lancer and took it to the local Mitsubishi dealership and they bought it from us. Not quite as much as I had hoped- does it ever work that way with car dealers? Ah, NO. Anyway, we get our check tomorrow and we are firming up our plans to head out on Friday, Oct 17. Good thing too since we only have our site until then. The campground is booked up next weekend for the Fall Festival. No electric sites available. We hope to be able to move down south a little further to our favorite IL campground....BO Wood COE. So it looks like we may finally be leaving IL for a while. Looking forward to some sun and a warm winter.

We also had the opportunity to meet Faye N Dave (The Wandering Camels) from Vermont. Faye is a blogger like me and she has followed my blog for a while. They happened to be visiting in the area and were staying here at Comlara park. We stopped by their rig a couple days ago and introduced our selves and invited them over last night to our campfire and to tour our rig. Dave has a cool job that allows him to work 5 months(with lots of overtime) and be off for 7 months to travel. It was great meeting them and I know we'll be crossing paths again. Faye loaned me a Mountain Directory book she has and I was able to check out part of the route in AZ that we will be taking from Holbrook, AZ to Gold Canyon, AZ on Route 77 and 60. The road has a 5-6% grade decents and I have not done any mountain driving so it was very helpful to actually see the route and get some inside information from the book on how to negotiate the grades.

 I just ordered the East and West Mountain Directories from the RV and I'm having them shipped Priority Mail. They should be here by the middle of the week before we take off. At least that's the plan. Not sure what I will do if they don't arrive in time because I am not waiting to get out of IL. Faye and Dave are great folks and just like all the full time RV'ers we have met so far, they are more than happy to share their knowledge and experience and their just cool, fun people. So the plan is in motion. Last minute things to tidy up, say some goodbyes and prep the rig for travel. We have to dump tanks tomorrow and move over one site to #6 until Friday. Good experience hitching, unhitching, and setting up like we're on the road. AZ here we come.


  1. Glad to hear your dad is doing better and that your plans will soon have you on the road.
    The engine braking on the truck should help you handle those grades with ease but with time the more you become experienced at the different road conditions the more accomplished you'll become.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Great to meet you both too, we look forward to the time our paths cross again. Kind of crazy getting out of the the campground with all of the "geek warriors". Glad you got the books ordered, they'll be useful in the coming years as you travel all over the US. RV'ers and bloggers alike are great folks, talking around a fire or over an adult beverage or two, so much information out there, we all learn from our shared experiences. Safe travels...

  3. Happy to hear your Dad is in good hands and better spirits! Safe travels to AZ and warmer weather! Yay! Enjoy and hopefully we'll see ya there in April.

  4. Rick and Kathy, Faye N Dave and Debbie, thank you for your comments. Rick, getting on Google Erath was helpful in understanding the grades better. The truck should perform well. Thanks. Faye N Dave, thanks again for the well wishes and great meeting you both. Debbie, Not sure where we will be in April but is still in the area we will need to meet. Thanks Curt