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Salmon Glacier
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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2014
This is our year coming up and we are very happy to welcome 2014. Glenda will be retiring on January 31st and start the process of getting the house ready to sell in April. My turn comes in October and then we hit the road. Just to give you some idea as to how happy we are. I got a call from Great Lakes RV last Friday and Mike our salesman told me that our Bighorn had been built and was at the dealership.
I was in shock. We were expecting a call to let us know when the build date would be NOT that the rig had already been built. So at first I wasn't too happy. We have a plan and we need to stick to the plan. That meant that the rig was not supposed to come in until early February. That way we could extend the financing out to April/May and use the equity in the house to just pay it off without making a payment. Well I fretted over the weekend and I called Mike back on Monday to see what we could do about the timeline. He had spoken to his boss and they were willing to hold the unit and we are to go over at the end of January and sign the papers and give them the rest of the down payment. Now I'm very happy.
Then Mike tells me that the washer/dryer did not get installed because we both missed it on the build sheet under the list of options. We wanted the washer/dryer installed at the factory since it was about $400 less to do it that way. Well, I put up a little stink(not happy) and Mike said that the dealership would have to wave(eat) the $400. I agreed. Fortunately the dealership actually installs more washer/dryers than the factory does. Only about 10% of units off the assembly line have washer/dryers installed. That means the dealership installs most after they are built. I felt a little better. Ok...Everyone was calmer now. We are very happy again. Mike said let me send you some pictures. He emailed five photos and a panoramic view of the kitchen living room. Here is our future home. We are truly excited now.
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 Panoramic view
Kitchen/ living room
Back to front

2014 Bighorn 3585rl
So far everything is working out as planned even with the early arrival of our home. We will be at our daughter's home in Osceola, IN right down the road from the dealership for our family Christmas celebration but unfortunately we won't have the opportunity to see it in person. We will be back at the end of the month and the photos will have to do for now. And that's ok. That gives the dealership time to get everything installed, prepped and ready for us in the spring. Another nice thing is the dealership will store our rig until we can pick it up at the end of March as we begin the transfer process from one home to another. Yes this will be a happy new year. As the song goes... Our future's so bright we got to wear shades. Thank you to the followers that have been reading and commenting. You're encouragement and well wishes have been a great help as we continue on the path of our RV Dream. Working toward retirement and it won't be long.


  1. You are right this New Year will certainly be the one that makes all your dreams come true. Be Safe and Enjoy!. PS: Nice Trailer.

    It's about time.

    1. Rick and Kathy, Thank you for the comment and you know you are one of those I spoke of in the post that have been so supportive and encouraging. I hope the weather gets better down south. At least I know it's better than what we have. Curt

  2. Happy New Year, looks like things are falling into place for a good one for you both. Nice looking rig, great the dealership is working with you. I'm sure the year is going to fly by with all the things that have to be done to transition into your new lifestyle.

  3. Faye N Dave....Yes, so far, things are coming together. Time has flown since we decided that we would go full time after retirement so I can't imagine how it will go in the next few months. Thanks for your encouragement. Curt