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Thursday, April 4, 2013

LaCrosse and Grandkids

Well after our weekend with the oldest daughter and our new grandson we wanted to visit the other grandkids in Indiana. Our oldest granddaughter, Jasmyne, is a freshman in high school and tried out for the Women's Lacrosse team and guess what she made the team. As a matter of fact she is the only freshman that made the VARSITY team. Quite an accomplishment. This young lady is a very talented athlete and could do just about anything she wants. Anyway, we went over to their home last weekend to watch her play her second and third games of the season. It just so happened she was playing 2 games on Saturday. The first was in Noblesville and the second was just a few miles to the south east in Fishers. Since this is her first year she didn't get to play much but it sure was fun seeing her in her uniform and gear.

This is Jasmyne

We went to their home on Friday evening and it just so happened that her husband's family(Mother, Uncle Ron and Aunt Ellie) were there to see our daughter's husband, Todd's, son Mason play Rugby for Davenport College in Grand Rapids, MI. When ever we get together we always have a good time.

So the next morning Sommer(our daughter), Brooklyne(the next oldest granddaughter), Glenda and I jumped in our car and made the rip to Noblesville. Jasmyne was able to catch the ball a couple of times and made some good throws down the field to the other team mates.

Jasmyne is #28
Having never watched Women's Lacrosse it was difficult to understand the penalties. But we still had fun watching her participate.
Doesn't she look official?
Unfortunately since the team is somewhat young and the other team had home field advantage the other team won. It was a close game at 5-4.
Once the game was over and she came to say hi we then worked our way over to Fishers and found a Monical's Pizza. We ordered the Individual Pleasers(8 inch pizza with the toppings you want on it) with  salad and drink. We all got the thin crust and I got a root beer for my drink.
We found the second field at the Fishers High School and it was actually the football field and had artificial turf. Now this is something the Penn High School Women's Lacrosse team had not played on before and with home field advantage again the other team won. This time it wasn't as close in score BUT that just gave Jasmyne more time on the field. Since the score wasn't as close they could allow the newer, younger players to stay in the game and get some additional practice.

It was hard to get action shots since the game moves so quickly but at least I did get her on the field.

It was a little cool so the players brought blankets to cover up with while waiting to come into the game. I just happened to catch Jasmyne as she opened her blanket to reposition it. She was all the way across the field from us and I had to zoom pretty far. She had no idea I was taking her picture but it looks like she was actually posing(pretty cool). We all had a good time and I had to get photos of my daughter.
This is Sommer(Jasmyne's Mom)
This is Glenda and Brooklyne
As you can tell Brooklyne is pretty tall for her age(She's 12). The photo is a little deceiving since Glenda is only 5ft tall.
We had a great ride back to Sommer's house and the rest of the crew that went to the Rugby game had already had supper. Ron made chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes and corn. Since it was pretty late and we had a lot of pizza earlier we just snacked around until bedtime. However the next day we did finally get to taste the wonderful food that Ron had made. Leftovers are the best.
Now we are getting ready to go back to Chicago for another visit to see Aiden, his Mom and Dad. I know that it is going to get busy this summer so we need to get as much time with ALL the family before it gets crazy. Still working toward retirement and it won't be long. We even moved up the date on the countdown clock. October 2014. I have all the fulltime RV bloggers that I read on my list to thank for that. Reading about your lives and the way you are living each day makes me want it even more. Thank you for sharing and I look forward someday soon of reaching my dream too.


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