Saturday, November 20, 2021

Putting down roots with travel hopes for the future

I'm finally making an updating post for this blog now that we have sold the motorhome and built a home in AZ at a 55+ community between Tucson and Phoenix. CAn't believe we've been in our home for over a year now. Glenda had been wanting to put roots down again for some time but I resisted until we had a chance to visit and stay at Robson Ranch in Eloy, AZ. They have all the amenities we were used to at the RV resort in Gold Canyon that we visited each winter for the last 6 years. The community is right off I-10 in a rural area but when you come through the gates you're in paradise. We did do some traveling with our friends the Wandering Camels in Feb and March of 2020 then Covid hit which sent us back to Gold Canyon. That's when we got serious about settling down. 

We went through some models and stayed in a Villa home for 3 nights before pulling the trigger. So glad we did since the base price of our home has increased $90,000 from signing papers to the current time. 

We have a 1200 sq foot home with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. A nice patio facing north and a 1 1/2 car garage. We now have a golf cart to get around the community and we've integrated into the activities. Pickleball for me and line dancing and aerobics for Glenda. 

We're looking at trading our small car that we pulled behind the motorhome in for a mid size truck with hopes of continuing some traveling in the future. Maybe a small TT to take advantage of leaving for cooler places in the summer. A few photos of the inside of our home. 

These are random photos from my Google phone before switching to an Apple phone. We have landscaping now. 

We're looking forward having friends visit and stay with us. Our daughter Heather, SIL Paul and grandson Aiden came for a visit last May. They got to check our the community pool, ride in the golf cart and see the golf course. Then we had Steve and Debbie McCormack(fast and loose) and Hurley stay over night when they were passing through and visiting his mother in Surprise. So glad they could all come and check the home and community out. 

Eloy AZ is the sky diving capital of America. We can see the jumpers almost every day from our back patio as they land. We even went to the airport there to watch the National Sky Diving Championships. 

I try to download some additional photos from my phone to the laptop and make another post soon with much better photos and show you some areas of the community and our home. 

Sorry for the long, long lag time in posting. Thank you for following us on our journey. 

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  1. Yeah!! You finally got your "last" blog post up. So are we going skydiving when we get there? See you soon.